June 2007 eNewsletter

June 2007 eNews Update

2007 Founders Fellowship Breakfast

June 12, 2007 – 6:30 AM
Southern Baptist Convention
Alamo Ballroom A/B/C/D on Level 2
In the Marriott Riverwalk
San Antonio, Texas


“Southern Baptists at Sardis”

Voddie Baucham

Voddie Baucham is an author, Bible teacher, professor and currently serves as Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas.

Tickets includes breakfast
Early purchase (by May 28): $10
Regular (between May 29 and June 5): $15


Please print your receipt. Your receipt will serve as your ticket at the door.

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The 25th Annual Southern Baptist Founders Conference

June 26 – 29, 2007
At Bethel Baptist Church in Owasso, OK

Early Registration Ends June 15!


Coming in Fall 2007 . . .

Baptist Identity with Dr. Tom Nettles

Introduction to the Puritans with Dr. Mark Dever, Dr. J. I. Paker and others

Worship with Dr. Bruce Leafblad

Systematic Theology 1 with Dr. Roger Nicole

Join us this Fall!

The Founders Study Center is pleased to announce two 16-week courses and two 10-week courses for the Fall 2007 semester.

16-Week Courses (beginning September 4, 2007):

Baptist Identity with audio lectures by Dr. Tom Nettles

Study the history and distinctives of Baptists from their seventeenth century origin as a separate denomination to the present day. Topics of study include: 1) the rise and development of English Baptists, 2) Baptist Beginnings in the United States to the formation of the Southern Baptist Convention, 3) The History of the Southern Baptist Convention to the present.

Dr. Tom Nettles is one of the foremost Baptist historical theologians in America. Since 1997 he has served as Professor of Historical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

This course meets for 16 sessions. Students will have access to course material online until February 1, 2008 (20 weeks to complete the course). Cost: $75 (A $25 discount is provided for subscribers of the Founders Journal)

Systematic Theology I with audio lectures by Dr. Roger Nicole

This is the first in a series of courses on systematic theology. Topics included in this first course include: the Place of Systematic Theology, Divine Revelation and the Authority of Holy Scripture.

Study theology under one of the preeminent theologians in America. Dr. Roger Nicole is a retired professor of theology emeritus at both Gordon-Cornwell Theological Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He is also a past president of the Evangelical Theological Society and a founding member of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy.

This course meets for 16 sessions. Students will have access to course material online until February 1, 2008 (20 weeks to complete the course). Cost: $75 (A $25 discount is provided for subscribers of the Founders Journal)

10-Week Courses (begining October 16, 2007):

Intro to the Puritans with audio lectures by Dr. Mark Dever, Dr. J. I. Packer and others

The Puritans have provided a rich and profitable heritage of doctine and devotion. They lingered long in the Word of God and sought to apply its truths to every aspect of life and worship. This course offers students a brief historical overview of the Puritans and thier value to us today.

This course meets for 10 sessions and will begin on October 16, 2007. Students will have access to course material online until February 1, 2008 (14 weeks to complete the course). Cost: $50 (A $15 discount is provided for subscribers of the Founders Journal)

Worship with audio lectures by Dr. Bruce Leafblad

“God is the first priority of the church. Not people. Not ministry. Not growth. Not success. God and God alone occupies the place of ultimate and absolute priority in the church. However, this biblical idea does not receive much attention in the highly people-centered, growth-dominated, success-oriented American church of today. From our preaching, our writing and our lifestyle, it would appear that today’s church is preoccupied with other matters.” True worship begins with a right understanding of God and a right view of ourselves in light of who He is and what He has revealed in His Word. “The great need of the church today is neither to cling to the old or to create the new forms and formats. Our greatest need today is to recover the priority of God in our worship and in the whole of life.”

Dr. Bruce Leafblad is a retired professor of Church Music and Worship at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

This course meets for 10 sessions and will begin on October 16, 2007. Students will have access to course material online until February 1, 2008 (14 weeks to complete the course). Cost: $50 (A $15 discount is provided for subscribers of the Founders Journal)

Registration for the fall will begin on July 6, 2007. Fall orientation for students and mentors will open August 20, 2007; 16-week courses begin on September 4, 2007. Students pay a fee for each course they take through the Study Center. New Students (as well as returning students who have not participated in a course within the past twelve months) must also pay the admissions fee of $25 to enroll in the Study Center.

Mentor Training Seminar and Lunch

If you are interested in learning more about mentoring or the Founders Study Center, please plan to join us for lunch and a seminar on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at the Southern Baptist Founders Conference in Owasso, OK. Dr. Tom Ascol, Executive Director of Founders Ministries, will be speaking on “Goals of Mentoring.” We will meet from 12:15 to 2:00 PM (room TBA). Lunch (no charge) will be provided by Bethel Baptist Church. You can sign up early for the lunch by contacting the Study Center Director. Or you can sign up at the conference when you check in at the registration table on Tuesday (June 26).


Find out what’s new at the Founders online Study Center. Click here to visit our website to learn more.

Baptist History Celebration – 2007

An unprecedented meeting on Baptist history will be held on August 1-3, 2007 at the historic First Baptist Church of Charleston, South Carolina.

Five years in preparation, this meeting will feature an interesting array of topics and speakers in commemoration of the

founding of the Philadelphia Baptist Association in 1707. The steering committee, made up of Baptists from over 20 different Baptist

groups, would like to invite you to visit the web page below for program information and registration. Seating is limited,

so we urge you to register right away. We hope your love and interest in our Baptist heritage will lead you to be a part of this historical meeting.

The following two articles appeared recently in The Pathway, the official news journal of the Missouri Baptist Convention.

Feeding sheep is Founders’ focus

By Scott Lamb Contributing Writer

ST. PETERS – Participants of the Southern Baptist Founders Conference Midwest gathered Feb. 27-28 at First Baptist Church here for fellowship and to hear messages under the theme “Feed My Sheep.”

Host Pastor Joe Braden, the current president of the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC) Pastors’ Conference, opened the doors of his church to the conference, and minister of music Jerry Jessen led in robust congregational singing throughout the day.

Registration for the conference was about 170, with many other guests joining in as well.

“This year’s conference reinforced the Scriptures’ call for pastors and church leaders to experience spiritual transformation through faithfully feeding upon the Word of God so that we might be genuine instruments who can take the Word of God and feed God’s people.”

Tom Ascol, executive director of Founders Ministries, along with his brother Bill, also a board member, were the keynote speakers of the conference. Bill Ascol delivered two biographies on “Martin Lloyd-Jones” and “John Broadus.” Tom Ascol spoke on “Sound Doctrine: The Preacher’s Task” and “The Weight of the Scripture: The Spirit’s Authority.”

Regarding the preacher’s task to teach doctrine, Ascol said, “Churches and pastors now typically think of the pastoral ministry in professional categories. No longer are men of God called to lead churches primarily considered to be brokers of the truth, but rather they are considered to be professional therapists, or modeled after the corporate world in terms of the CEO or manager who can efficiently get things going in the local congregation. Doctrine is not regarded in many sectors of evangelicalism as that important to Gospel ministry.”

Ascol spoke about sermons full of moralism but devoid of read more….

Ascol to encourage more church planting

Pathway writer Scott Lamb sat down recently with Tom Ascol, executive director of Founders Ministries, at First Baptist Church, St. Peters, for a brief interview.

Q: In what direction do you see Founders Ministries heading in the coming years?

A: Founders Ministries intends to continue encouraging Southern Baptists to be faithful to the Scriptures and working for the recovery of the biblical Gospel and the spiritual renewal of local churches. We also plan to become more involved in helping churches become actively involved in planting new churches. We will continue to expand our internet ministry, both in the materials that we make available through www.Founders.org (which is receiving over 800,000 hits per month) and our online Founders Study Center.

Q: Do you see any encouraging trends in the SBC?

A: I am greatly encouraged to see how the conversation in the SBC has turned toward issues that Founders has been talking about for the last 25 years. It is gratifying to hear denominational leadership admitting publicly that most of our churches are in real trouble when it comes to the issue of regenerate church membership and biblical church discipline. At some point, the dialogue must necessarily shift to an honest consideration of how we got into this mess. Then, many of the unbiblical and unhealthy approaches to evangelism that have crept into our denomination can be reassessed.

Q:Do you plan on submitting a resolution at the SBC annual meeting in San Antonio?

A: Yes, I do. I plan to offer another resolution read more…

Special on Anniversary Book

Reclaiming the Gospel and Reforming Churches

Edited by Tom Ascol

674 pages (hard cover)
Retail: $24.95

This compilation of papers presented over the first 20 years of the Founders Conference is now
available on our website for the special price of $18.95 through August 31, 2007!

Founders Journal Subscriptions

Discount for Multiple Subscriptions to the Founders Journal

Purchase multiple subscriptions of the Founders Journal and receive a discount. Now you can order extra copies for your church book rack
or to give away and save on the cost. Normal subscription price for one year is $20.00 ($25.00 outside of the USA). You can purchase a subscription
for 5 to 10 copies for $15.00 each ($20.00 each outside of the USA) or 11 or more copies for $12.00 each ($18.00 each outside of the USA).
Copies must be mailed to a single address.

Speaker: Stuart Olyott

The fourth church leaders conference organized by  Shalom Church (Reformed Baptist) in Singapore was held April 10-12, 2007. Stuart Olyott was the main speaker. Speakers in previous conferences have been Richard Belcher (2004), Martin Holdt (2005) and Conrad Mbewe (2006). The theme of the 2007 conference was preaching and the aim was twofold: to equip church leaders to rightly handle the Word that glorifies God and edifies saints, and to call church leaders to the rich doctrines of grace that are sufficient to deal with every pastoral and church issue.

About 53 church leaders, seminary staff and students as well as church non office bearers attended the conference daily. They were from Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, The Philippines and Australia. Churches represented were Reformed Baptists and Presbyterians, Brethren, Anglican, Bible Presbyterians, and conservative Bible-believing churches.

There were eight seminars, one lecture, two sessions of discussion and questions and one workshop session. Each seminar also had a time of questions and discussion.  Sessions followed the themes in the book Preaching Pure and Simple by Stuart Olyott with additional material from another of his books Ministering Like the Master.  Stuart Olyott was engaging, precise, direct, humorous and handled questions very well. It was a very beneficial conference and participants went away both challenged and encouraged about the necessity of preaching.

Mwaniki Wa-Gichia

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