Founders eNews July 2006

Founders eNews July 2006

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Mark Dever Speaks at Founders Breakfast

Mark Dever, Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. spoke at the Founders Fellowship Breakfast on June 13, 2006, held during the SBC in Greensboro, NC. His message was “Election, The Gospel and Evangelism.” Tickets for the breakfast were again sold out this year. Many came and stood in the back to hear Dr. Dever preach. You can purchase a copy of the audio of the message on the Founders website.

Read also comments from Dr. Tom Ascol.

The 2006 Southern Baptist Founders Conference

The national Southern Baptist Founders Conference was hosted this year by Bethel Baptist Church in Owasso, OK. The theme was “The Gospel of the Grace of God.”

“The entire Gospel — as Scripture communicates it — must be set before unbelievers for their conversion, speakers at the 24th annual Southern Baptist Founders Conference said as they examined the doctrines that compose the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” [READ MORE of this report from the Baptist Press by Jeff Robinson.]

“The Gospel has been lost at various times during the history of the church and sometimes is hidden in contemporary churches but it will not be lost forever because Christ has promised to build His church through the proclamation of the Gospel, Fred Malone told attendees of the 24th Annual Southern Baptist Founders Conference July 11-14.” [READ MORE of this report from the Baptist Press by Jeff Robinson.]

You can purchase audio of the conference messages from Sound Word.


Coming in 2007: The 25th Annual Southern Baptist Founders Conference

Make plans now to attend:

The 2007 Southern Baptist Founders Conference

June 26 – 29, 2007
At Bethel Baptist Church in Owasso, OK

This will be the 25th Anniversary of the Conference. The Theme will be “God’s Truth Abideth Still: Confronting Post-Modernism” with keynote speaker Dr. David Wells.

Director’s Blog
Read commentary and observations from Tom Ascol, Executive Director of Founders Ministries.

Recent posts include Reforming Theological Education and Robert Murray M’Cheyne on Church Discipline .

Fall Registration Now Open!

Learn More about Fall Courses through the Founders Study Center

Look for these new titles coming soon from Founders Press

Life in the Body of Christ: Privileges and Responsibilities in the Local Church
by Curtis C. Thomas

“Curtis Thomas has given us a gift, a stimulus to edifying reflection and action on every pertinent aspect of corporate and individual responsibility and privilege to be pursued in the life of a local church.”

Thomas J. Nettles

“Curtis Thomas has condensed decades of church ministry into a few dozen, easy-to-understand pages. Life in the Body of Christ is versatile enough to work as a text in a New Christian’s Class to ground spiritual babes in the Christian life, in a New Member’s Class, or in a small group study to help believers at all levels of maturity grow as part of Christ’s church.”

Donald S. Whitney

Curtis C. Thomas is a retired pastor, having served in Reformed Baptist churches for 30 years, the final 14 years at the Bible Church of Little Rock, AR. He is co-author of Romans: An Interpretive Outline and The Five Points of Calvinism: Defined, Defended, Documented.


My Journey in Grace
by Terrell Suggs

“The Lord began to use the writings of such men as C. H. Spurgeon and A. W. Pink to fill me with truth. The Scriptures began to open as never before. I was thrilled beyond words. God became more real to me than ever and the gospel of His sovereign grace virtually jumped off the pages with clarity and power.”

“The more I studied Baptist history and the theology of our founders, the more I saw that I believed what they believed. I am forever indebted to these men who have given us some of the finest theological works in all of Christian history.”

“Indeed I came to see that the doctrines of grace were not incidental in the lives of Baptists from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. The rafters of Southern Baptist churches once rang with these great truths. Seminary and college professors were meticulous in teaching young preachers to articulate the gospel of sovereign grace. This was the gospel that Baptists carried to the ends of the earth. These doctrines were the very foundation of everything in Baptist life. Oh, that it would be so again!”

Terrell D. Suggs has served as pastor of churches in Alabama, Mississippi and Oklahoma. He is currently Director of Missions of the Bryan Baptist Association in Bryan County, Oklahoma.

Music and Worship Resources

Feature Hymn: Come Boldly to The Throne of Grace

“Come Boldly to a Throne of Grace” was written by Daniel Herbert (1751 – 1833), a congregational minister who served at Sudbury in Suffolk. It is a passionate and comforting call to all who feel the weight of their sin to come and find mercy at the feet of Christ. [READ MORE]

Read the latest on upcoming regional conference:

Mid-South Regional Founders Conference [additional information will be posted as it is available online. ]

October 5-7, 2006 in Memphis, Tennessee
“A Passion for Missions”
Speakers include Michael Haykin

Southwest Regional Founders Conference [additional information will be posted as it is available online. ]

September 27-28, 2006 at Heritage Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas
“Christianity and the Culture “
Speakers include Earl Blackburn

There is still time to join us for our 2006 Alaskan Cruise!

More information and special rates

September 2 – 9, 2006
“The Glory of God “

Download this PDF brochure to learn more about the cruise.

Read 2006 Founders Alaskan Cruise and a Theology of Leisure by Dr. Tom Ascol.

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