September 2008 eNews

September 2008 eNews


Letter from Tom Ascol, our Executive Director

Dear Friends of Founders:

The last two months have been the most unusual of my life. In the early hours of July 15th, I was struck by lightning in my front yard. Two policeman were with me, having come to investigate a burglary. They immediately called for paramedics who showed up in a matter of minutes to examine me.

Though, initially it seemed that all was well, over the next two days it became apparent that the shock had effected me in some severe ways. I will spare you the details, though some of them are available on my blog (here and here) if you desire to know more. However, I do want to let you know how deeply grateful my family and I are for God’s abundant provision and deep mercy during this ordeal. I am confident that He has acted in accordance with the prayers of many believers who called on Him in our behalf.

In God’s providence, all of this has happened during a time that had long ago been set aside for vacation and sabbatical. Though my original plans on how to spend those weeks had to be changed, I was afforded time to recover without having to make too many special arrangements to cover for my regular responsibilities.

By God’s grace we were able to take advantage of hospitality extended to us from friends to spend several days resting and relaxing out of state in quiet, beautiful surroundings. Long hours of gazing at lakes and mountains had a restorative effect on me both mentally and physically and provided wonderful opportunities for reading and meditating on Scripture.

There are still some residual effects from the ordeal but they are slowly being overcome. I have unfortunately had to cancel some ministry responsibilities but hope to be back at full speed by early next year. Last Sunday morning I was able to preach at Grace for the first time and was reminded in both the preparation of the sermon and the preaching of it of God’s great goodness to me through this experience. Sunday night I tried to answer some of the questions that have arisen about the impact that this has had on my family and me.

If God led you to pray for me during this time, please accept my heartfelt expressions of thanks. The Lord has heard your prayers. As he brings me to mind, please continue to pray that He would accomplish all that He intends through this and that I would joyfully and humbly submit to His will and become a partaker of His holiness as a result.

I apologize for spending so much time talking about myself in this letter. There are many, many encouraging signs that indicate that more churches are experiencing renewal and reformation and that the Gospel continues to be recovered not only in our land throughout the world. These are, without doubt, very hopeful days.

May God richly bless and keep you as you continue to make Jesus Christ known to our lost and dying world.

In Christ


Tom Nettles

Tom Nettles on Founders Podcasts

Our most recent podcasts feature a 3-part interview with Dr. Tom Nettles on Baptist life and Baptist identity. Dr. Nettles serves as Professor of Historical Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Topics include:

  1. The beginnings of Dr. Nettles’ calling to teach church history and to co-author the book Baptists and the Bible with Russ Bush
  2. The influence of Landmarkism and J. R. Graves in Baptist life, baptism and the church
  3. Current trends in the Southern Baptist Convention

You can find the podcast at (click on “Go to Podcasts” on the Welcome page)

The Founders Ministries Podcast is also available on iTunes.



Fall Courses are now in progress

You still have time to REGISTER TO AUDIT the new course Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. So far over 200 students have registered for this course. Late registration ends September 19, 2008.

This fall the Founders Study Center is offering its new course, Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, for free for those who sign up to audit the course. If you have been waiting to try a course through the Study Center, this is your opportunity to audit one at no cost! We will also be offering this course at a reduced price for students who wish to take the course as directed studies and work with a mentor (see below).

FSC Course 14

FSC New Course

Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure with audio lectures by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Learn about the causes and cure for spiritual depression from a master physician and minister, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) served as minister of Westminster Chapel in London for almost 30 years.

This course meets for 16 sessions. The course began September 2, 2008. Students will have access to course material online until January 31, 2009 (20 weeks to complete the course). Cost: FREE for Audit / $50 for directed studies (A $15 discount is provided for subscribers of the Founders Journal)

Additional Courses for Fall 2008

We are also offering one more 16-week course and two 10-week courses this fall.

16-Week course (began September 2, 2008):

FSC Course 07

Theology of the Puritans with audio lectures by Dr. J. I. Packer

In this course Dr. Packer delivers a rich overview of Puritan theology, drawing on a lifetime of personal study and passion for the Puritans. Topics include: Purtian identity, the Scriptures in Puritan theology, salvation by grace, the conscience, Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress and church life. Dr. J. I Packer is the Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology at Regent College, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This course meets for 16 sessions. Students will have access to course material online until January 31, 2009 (20 weeks to complete the course). Cost: $75 (A $25 discount is provided for subscribers of the Founders Journal)

10-Week courses (beginning October 13, 2008):

FSC Course 04

Maintaining a Healthy Church with audio lectures by Dr. Mark Dever

Learn about God’s purpose for the church and how to lead a church in a direction that will keep it healthy and thriving. Dr. Mark Dever serves as senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C.

This course meets for 10 sessions and will begin on October 13, 2008. Students will have access to course material online until January 31, 2008 (14 weeks to complete the course). Cost: $50 (A $15 discount is provided for subscribers of the Founders Journal)

FSC Course 12

A Biblical Call with audio lectures by Pastor Albert N. Martin

This course addresses the important question: What constitutes a biblical call to the work of the ministry? Topics include: six wrong reasons to enter the gospel ministry, four essential elements of the call, and the mental, spiritual and practical gifts required for the pastoral office. Pastor Al Martin has served as elder at Trinity Baptist Church of Montville, NJ since 1967.

This course meets for 10 sessions and will begin on October 13, 2008. Students will have access to course material online until January 31, 2008 (14 weeks to complete the course). Cost: $50 (A $15 discount is provided for subscribers of the Founders Journal)

Find out what’s new at the Founders online Study Center. Click here to visit our website to learn more about this and other fall courses.


New Resource for Family Worship from Ray Rhodes

Family Worship Guide

Family Worship
For the Reformation Season

by Ray Rhodes, Jr.

35 family worship devotions/activities that focus on the key characters and themes of the Reformation

“This book combines two divine blessings that are being rediscovered by a growing number of Christians in our day–our Reformation heritage and family worship. Ray Rhodes has performed a great service to families by organizing useful information about the former in ways that can be easily used in the latter. I pray that this book will be used to teach the rising generation important biblical truths through the stories of faithful men and women on whose shoulders we stand.”

- Dr. Tom Ascol

“Once common, the practice of family worship has all but disappeared among the people of God today. Recent years, however, have seen a revival of interest in and commitment to this biblical responsibility and privilege. Ray Rhodes has contributed to the recovery of this resurgence with practical books like this one. Informative and useful at any time of year, this book would be particularly timely in the weeks leading up to Reformation Day.”

- Dr. Donald Whitney 

For information on ordering, visit

Or send email


Upcoming Regional Founders Conference

Southern Baptist Founders Conference Southwest
September 25-27, 2008, Mansfield, TX — “Growing the Local Church”
Dr. Tom Ascol will be the keynote speaker at this conference.

Other Upcoming Conferences

Conference on Church Discipline
October 20-21, 2008
Hosted by Holy Ridge Baptist Church in Blacksburg, SC
Jeff Noblit, pastor of Grace Life Church of the Shoals, will be the keynote speaker at this conference.
Visit Here for more Details

The Truth War: Contending Earnestly for the Faith
2008 Fall Pastors Conference
November 21-22, 2008

Reformation Truth Ministries is pleased to host this conference for pastors, elders, and seminary students. Speakers will include: Phil Johnson, Andy Davis and James White.  The conference will be held at the facilities of Springs of Life Bible Church, a Reformed SBC fellowship, in Durham, North Carolina.


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