Hymn 04

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O Spirit, Now We Thank You

For the Word of God is living and powerfull …(Hebrews 4:12)

Hymn Text

1. O Spirit, now we thank You
      For giving us Your Word.
Please bless its proclamation,
      The truths that we have heard.
Indwell us and empow’r us,
      And cause us to obey;
Shine now the light of Scripture
      On all we do and say.

2. Great Artist of the Scriptures,
      In beauty You have made
God’s Word to shine in glory
      That cannot fail or fade.
In poetry and proverbs,
      Through narrative and line;
In prophecy and hist’ry,
      God’s truth in splendor shines.

3. You, down through many ages,
      Inspired men to write,
Progressively revealing,
      You brought God’s truth to light.
O Spirit, come illumine
      This truth for us today;
And guide us in sound doctrine,
      The straight and narrow way.

4. Wield now Your Sword, O Spirit,
      The quick and living Word,
And rend our hearts asunder
      With truths that we have heard.
O search us now and know us,
      Expose iniquity;
Conform us to our Savior,
      And holy we shall be.


In October 1996, Steve Garrick, one of the pastors of Heritage Baptist Church, Mansfield, Texas, was teaching a series of lessons in Sunday School on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. During the lesson on October 22nd, he compared the Spirit’s work in bringing us God’s Word to that of an artist. When God revealed His Word to us, he did not package it as a “systematic theology.” He chose and inspired men to write from their own experiences in poetry, narrative, history, prophesy, … The Bible is a great work of art crafted by the Spirit as God-breathed revelation. I thought during the class that the comparison would make good material for a hymn.

My notes from that Sunday School class remained in my briefcase through the rest of the spring. Finally in the summer I had time again to reread my Sunday School notes and think again about writing a hymn. I completed the hymn on July 8, 1996 while driving to Dallas Baptist University, where I was teaching Classical Guitar during the summer semester. The tune is arranged for unison singing and named for Pastor Garrick.

The hymn is a prayer addressed to the Holy Spirit, who inspired and crafted the Word of God. It asks Him to bless the proclamation of the Word and apply it in an effective way to our lives. It is written to serve as a closing hymn following the preaching of the Word.

- Ken Puls

Words and Music © 1998 Kenneth Puls

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