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Founders Conference 2005
The Gospel and the Family

Speaker Title Audio Anton Fourie Psalm 84 – Spiritual Desire and Joy Paul David Tripp James 4:1 – The Family: Why Do We Struggle So? Paul David Tripp James 3 -The Trouble with Our Talk Paul David Tripp What is a Family? Paul David Tripp 1 Peter 1:3-9 – What is God Doing in My Family? Tedd Tripp Deuteronomy 6 – A Call for Formative Instruction Tedd Tripp Psalm 145 – Give Your Kids a Vision Tedd Tripp Romans 1:25 – The Great Exchange Tedd Tripp The Heart is the Wellspring of Life Don Whitney Family Worship Tom Ascol & Roy Hargrave Bringing Reformation to the Local Church Panel Leadership Dialogue