Youth Conference

The 1990 Southern Baptist Founders Youth Conference is scheduled for June 25-29 at Panama City Beach, Florida. The theme of this year’s conference is “Christian Living in a Global Age.” Erroll Hulse, Pastor of the Leeds Reformed Baptist Church in England and editor of Reformation Today, will be the featured speaker. Cost is $150.00 per camper. This covers all meals, nice accommodations in condominiums, and all study materials. This is the fourth year which the FBC of Clinton, Louisiana, under the leadership of Pastor Bill Ascol has sponsored this conference. Past years have witnessed very successful meetings with young and old alike being challenged by the exposition and application of God’s Word. Several have been hopefully converted through this effort. In light of much that is being offered today for church young people, this camp is a welcome effort to evangelize and instruct our youth in a responsible manner. It is worthy of the support of churches and individual pastors who are concerned for the souls of our upcoming generation. Registration deadline is April 4, 1990. For more information contact the Conference Secretary, First Baptist Church, P. O. Box 552, Clinton, LA 70722; phone (504) 683-5153.

Founders Conference

The eighth annual Southern Baptist Founders Conference is scheduled to convene at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, July 31-August 3, 1990. Mr. David Kingdon from Great Britain will be the featured speaker addressing the theme of “The Church.” Another first-time speaker is Dr. Timothy George, Dean of the new Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. He will preach on the Priesthood of All Believers and will present a biographical message on Basil Manly, Sr. These meetings have been the source of much encouragement and instruction over the last eight years. Pray that God will be pleased to own this effort once again for His glory. Cost per person is $130.00. For registration information contact the Founders Conference Secretary, P. O. Box 50014, Pompano Beach, Florida 33074.

Ernest Reisinger

Many friends and beneficiaries of the ministry of Pastor Ernest Reisinger have been concerned and united in prayer regarding the recent health difficulties which he has experienced. For the past two years he has been plagued by a restricted flow of blood in some of the arteries in his head. This results in severe bouts of dizziness and general lack of physical stamina. In February of this year, he became blinded in his left eye due to retinal vein occlusion. Physicians are hopeful that medication can help prevent the loss of sight in his other eye. He has been forced to curtail nearly all of his traveling and speaking engagements, though he is able to maintain an active personal, prayer, and writing and literature ministry (last year alone he and Jane mailed out over 7000 pieces of literature from their home!). Remember to pray for the Reisingers as they await further medical counsel and entrust themselves to the wise and good providence of God.