Correction on ‘Baptists Converting to Mormonism’ Report

In an earlier issue (FJ 3) a news item appeared in this column which cited the Interfaith Witness Department with reporting that 285 Southern Baptists a week were converted to Mormonism last year. This statistic was quoted in a report delivered by a representative of the IWD to the Royal Palm Baptist Association’s annual meeting in Ft. Myers, FL, on October 16, 1990. However, Gary Leazer, who is the Director of the IWD, has informed the Founders Journal that this statistic is without factual documentation. The rumor has been spread for several years and should not have been perpetuated by one of the IWD’s associates. We sincerely regret publishing this claim.

Invitation to Unity for Reformed Baptists

A new worldwide fellowship of Reformed Baptists has come into being to promote and strengthen church unity. The International Fellowship of Reformed Baptists was conceived in Toronto, Canada, where Baptist leaders from around the world met last October.

Erroll Hulse, a member of the Executive Committee said, “For more than twenty years the Reformed Baptist movement has grown and spread throughout the world. There has emerged an ever increasing need to cooperate in the building up and strengthening of Reformed Baptist churches, and to stress the doctrinal and practical values which unite us. We recognize the essential unity of the body of Christ worldwide, and wish to strengthen bonds of evangelical unity wherever possible, but disavow the modern ecumenical movement.”

Membership applications are now invited from interested ministers, Christian workers and churches who subscribe to the doctrines of grace as set out in the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.

Members will receive the journal Reformation Today along with information for encouragement and prayer from around the world.

Full details are available from Pastor Erroll Hulse, 75 Woodhill Road, LEEDS, LS16 7BZ