Nesom Joins Planning Committee

The Southern Baptist Founders Conference welcomes the addition of Joe Nesom to the planning committee. Dr. Nesom is Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Jackson, Louisiana. He currently serves as moderator of the William Wallace Baptist Association. He and his wife, Janice, have two daughters. He received the MDiv degree from New Orleans Seminary where he also taught theology while pursuing doctoral studies. Dr. Nesom completed the Ph.D. degree in theology from Smith Baptist University in Garden Grove, California.

Sound Word Acquires Lloyd-Jones Tapes

Sound Word Associates announces the acquisition of cassette tapes of messages by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. These tapes, copied from the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recording Trust, will be available for purchase beginning March 1. Sound Word Associates also has available tapes of sermons which have been preached at various conferences (including the Founders Conference) throughout North America. For catalogs and information write them at:

P. O. Box 2035, Mall Station
Michigan City, Indiana 46360