Brazilian Pastors’ Conference

The 7th annual leadership conference for Brazilian pastors and church workers was held October 7-11, 1991, in the town of Aguas de Lindoia. Bill Clark of England and Tom Nettles of the USA were the keynote speakers. Over 170 registrants from 13 Brazilian states and 8 denominations attended. The Editora Fiel publishing company, which sponsors the conference, continues to labor for reformation among evangelical groups in that country.

Zambian Pastors’ Conference

A pastors’ conference based on the doctrines of grace was held earlier this year in Zambia. The conference is under the direction of the Mulfira Baptist Church and Pastor Alex Machina. Pastor Machina serves as the recording secretary of the Baptist Convention of Zambia and was trained at the Baptist Theological Seminary in that country. He became convinced of the doctrines of grace through reading literature which was published by Banner of Truth. After learning of the Southern Baptist Founders Conference (through some providential contact with literature and people), Pastor Machina decided to host a similar effort in Mulfira. He writes that his prayerful desire is “to see Zambian Baptist Churches under the Southern Baptist Convention go back to its old doctrines.” Fifteen men attended the meeting held in January. Their positive response can be measured by the fact that all of the participants asked for another conference to be convened three months later! Arrangements have been made to ship copies of John Dagg’s Manual of Theology and Manual of Church Order to be given to those pastors who attend this next meeting.

Pastoral Tenure Increasing in SBC

The Baptist Sunday School Board reports that statistics from the 1991 Uniform Church Letter show that the median tenure for pastors in the convention has risen from 2.6 years in 1975 to 3.4 years in 1991. BSSB research from 1988 further indicates that 116 pastors were being fired each month by SBC churches.

Southern Baptist Founders Conference Southwest

The first SBFCSW was held near Lubbock, Texas, October 22-24, at the FBC of Roosevelt. Speakers included Jess Smith, pastor of the host church (Exposition of Psalm 73), Bob Selph (“Election and a Consuming Burden for World Missions”), Richard Moore (“The Doctrines of Grace and the Forgiveness of Sins”), Tom Nettles (3 lectures on the theology and evangelism of 19th century leaders and a biographical paper on B. H. Carroll) and Fred Malone (‘Total Depravity” and “Encouragement to Ministers”). The 1992 conference is scheduled for October 19-21.