Southern Baptists and the Doctrine of Election

Copies of Bob Selph’s book by the above title have been mailed out to 22,800 Southern Baptist churches. This has been accomplished by the Miller Valley Baptist Church in Prescott, Arizona (where Mr. Selph is pastor) over the last few years. With the support and cooperation of Pastor Richard Moore and the First Southern Baptist Church in Holtville, California, Miller Valley has a goal of sending a copy of this book to all 40,000 churches in the convention. With each book a letter is included which offers a copy of James Boyce’s Abstract of Systematic Theology or John Dagg’s Manual of Theology. To date 850 copies of the former and 44 copies of the latter have been requested by various pastors.

Often a church becomes discouraged and is tempted to think that, due to limited resources and smallness in size, nothing significant can be done to make any difference beyond their local area. This ministry of Miller Valley challenges that faulty thinking and should serve as an encouragement (and perhaps a rebuke) to every church to become more creative and industrious in the larger work of reformation. Small efforts, faithfully executed can bear lasting fruit. Distribution of good literature is an excellent way both to witness to the unconverted and to strengthen believers (including, if not especially, pastors!).

If you would like to assist Miller Valley in their effort contact them at 815 Whipple Street, Prescott, AZ 86031.

Brazilian Seminary President Removed from His Post

Silas Quirino, a Baptist pastor near Rio de Janeiro, was asked by convention officials to resign his position as President of the Baptist Seminary in the city of Campos. A report from Editora Fiel states that the reason of his dismissal is “his stand for the Biblical doctrine of predestination and election.” Silas is one of many pastors in the SBC whose missionary efforts in that country trace back more than 100 years. Several of the seminary’s professors resigned in protest of the action taken.

Bill Ascol Begins New Ministry

After serving more than 8 years in the First Baptist Church of Clinton, LA, Bill Ascol has accepted the call to become the founding pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA. He will continue his duties in the Southern Baptist Founders Conference, Youth Conference and with the Founders Journal. After July 15, his new address will be: 457 Mohican Lane, Shreveport, LA 71106.

John Armstrong Begins Itinerant Ministry

John Armstrong has announced his resignation after 16 years as Pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church in Wheaton, IL. He will labor full time in itinerant preaching and teaching, as well as devoting himself to writing as the Director of Reformation and Revival Ministries. He may be reached at 152 Yuma Lane, Carol Stream, IL 60188.