Mission 150


Mission 150

Connecting every Southern Baptist Pastor with the theological
and spiritual heritage of the Southern Baptist Convention.

1995 marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of the founding of the Southern Baptist Convention. In recognition of this historic event, a special anniversary issue of the Founders Journal is being prepared. This anniversary issue will have articles which set forth and evaluate our denomination’s theological and spiritual foundations. The goal is to mail a complimentary copy of this issue of the journal to each of the approximately 40,000 Pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Obviously, an undertaking this ambitious cannot become reality without the support and cooperation of many individuals and churches who share the burden to see our historic principles reintroduced to the present generation of Southern Baptists.

If you would like more information on how you can become a part of this bold effort, please write for a prospectus which outlines the plans and the needs. Send you inquiries to:

Founders Journal – Mission 150
P. O. Box 150931
Cape Coral, FL 33915

FAX 813/772- 1140