New Southern Baptist Magazine

At the 1993 Southern Baptist Convention which convened in Houston Texas a new denominational periodical was unveiled. SBC Life is published by the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee 10 times each year. Dr. Mark Coppenger is the editor. Subscription price is $10.00. The premier issue suggests that the magazine will follow a “USA Today approach” to news and human interest stories. Particularly encouraging is the colorful insert which is included. Entitled, “We Thought You’d Like to Know,” on one side is found a compilation of”Quick Facts” about the convention. The other side is entitled, “A Bible Heritage” which includes photographs and quotes from such noted SBC leaders as John Dagg, James, Boyce, Basil Manly, John Broadus, B. H. Carroll, and J. M. Frost, among others.

Introducing these historical vignettes are the following words: “We invite you to consider the convictions of these Southern Baptists. Their stand on Scripture and its treatment in our schools and lives is uncompromising. As we remember the way in which God has blessed the Convention through the years, we should keep her scriptural commitments in mind.”

Subscriptions, as well as copies of the inserts, may be ordered from:

Executive Committee
901 Commerce Street, Suite 750
Nashville, TN 37203

President Clinton Hears Bruce Milne

During the Canadian summit meetings with President Boris Yeltsin last April, President Bill Clinton attended the Sunday morning worship service of First Baptist Church, Vancouver. Dr. Bruce Milne, author of Know the Truth and former lecturer in theology in Spurgeon’s College, is the Pastor. Dr. Milne prayed for the success of the summit, the visit of Mrs. Clinton to her dying father, and for the dignified protest of pro-life demonstrators who stood outside the church protesting President Clinton’s pro-abortion policies. He then preached from John 12 on the Kingship of Jesus Christ.

Theological Study Committee Issues Preliminary Report

The Theological Study Committee which President Ed Young appointed last year has submitted the first draft of its report. “Constructive critique and additional counsel” are invited and may be directed to Dr. Timothy George of Beeson Divinity School or Dr. Roy Honeycutt of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The report begins with this sober yet astute realization: “In every generation, the people of God face the decision either to reaffirm ‘the faith once delivered unto the saints’ (dude 3) or to lapse into theological unbelief. Precisely such a challenge now confronts that people of God called Southern Baptists.” Articles are included on Scripture, God, Christ, the Church, and Last Things. While declining to recommend a new confession, the report reaffirms the Baptist Faith and Message, as adopted by the SBC in 1963.