Mission 150

Mission 150
and You

What is Mission 150?

Mission 150 is a cooperative effort among churches and individuals to send a special issue of the Founders Journal to every Pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention in 1995.

Why do this now?

1995 is the 150th anniversary of the SBC. Much attention will be given to our origins in denominational promotions. This special issue of the journal will take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by clearly demonstrating that our Southern Baptist heritage is firmly rooted in the doctrines of grace.

How much will this cost?

To send a free copy of the journal to each of the 38,000 pastors in the convention will cost $50,000.

Why not include seminary professors, missionaries and others?

We definitely will, if the financial resources are available.

How much money has already been given?

Over $35,000 in gifts and pledges has come in.

How can I help?

In 3 ways: 1) Pray-for those who will be writing and editing the articles; for the provision of financial resources; for those who will receive the journal; and for those who are administrating the project. Above all, pray that God will own this effort to the praise of His glory and grace. 2) Give-any amount that you can. Every $12.50 will send the journal to 10 pastors. 3) Encourage other concerned individuals and churches to join you in praying and giving.