Association Repents

The Yavapai Baptist Association in Arizona recently adopted a resolution repenting of sin against the Miller Valley Baptist Church of Prescott and Pastor Bob Selph. Seven years ago the association charged Pastor Selph with heresy for his agreement with the historic Southern Baptist view of unconditional election. He was subjected to formal proceedings that stopped short of disfellowshipping him and his church from the association. Now wiser, more spiritually and biblically minded pastors are in the association, and, though most of them were not involved in the fiasco seven years ago, they have led in the reconciliation effort.

Miller Valley has accepted the overtures of the association and has already expressed their forgiveness by sending a volunteer team of men to help remodel the building of the church which seven years ago led the charge against them.

New Journal

A new journal, Revival: The Need of the Times, has been launched by editor Mack Tomlinson. It is scheduled to be published 6 times a year. More information may be attained by writing to the above at P. O. Box 458, Azle, Texas, 76098-0458.