Quotes from Spurgeon and Dabney

Truth’s Enemies

“The arch-enemy of truth has invited us to level our walls and take away our fenced cities. He has cajoled some true-hearted but weak-headed believers to advocate this crafty policy . . . `Away with creeds and bodies of divinity!’ This is the cry of the day. Ostensibly, it is reverence for the Bible, and attachment to charity which dictates the clamorous denunciation; but at the bottom it is hatred of definitive truth. . . . As Philip of Macedon hated the Grecian orators because they were watchdogs of the flock, so there are wolves who desire the destruction of our doctrinal formularies, that they may make havoc of the souls of men by their pestilent heresies.” Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Justification and Works

“While our works are naught as a ground of merit for justification, they are all-important as evidences that we are justified.” Robert L. Dabney