I can’t tell you of my appreciation of you and your work. It wasn’t until January of 1995 that I learned of your existence as one of the “remnant.” Thanks to our Merciful God.

I felt like a “man without a country.” As God began revealing His Doctrine of Grace to me, I began to realize how inconsistent was the “Christianity” I had been taught, in particular, in the Southern Baptist Convention. It wasn’t until I laid aside all of man’s writings for a period of time and read the Bible straight through in chronological order that I began to see the consistency of God and the inconsistency of what I “believed.”

Since that time, I have diligently sought the true faith and realize that I have not uncovered something new, but something we have lost. We’ve lost it in America (no fear of God), and we have lost it in the SBC (man rules).

I found myself looking for like-minded believers. Most obviously to me, truth was found in Presbyterian circles and I determined I might belong there-until now. Thank you again! I am so excited to help make others aware so that they too may be encouraged….

T. S., A Christian Bookstore Owner
Anniston, AL

********** I have been a Christian for three years now. I have been a Southern Baptist for a little over a year. Through study of the Bible and a pamphlet published by Banner of Truth Trust entitled “What is the Reformed Faith?” by John R. deWitt, I have come to believe and accept the “doctrines of grace” (Calvinism). It thrilled by heart to hear that there is a group that is advocating a return to more Orthodox theology.

I understand that Baptists (including Southern Baptists) were grounded in the doctrinal foundation of Calvinism. So, with that in mind I am glad to see a group like the Southern Baptist Founders Conference. I am interested in subscribing to the Founders Journal. Enclosed is my check for the amount of $12.00. I would ask that you please send me some additional information about the Founders Conference.

Yours in Christ,
M. R.
Las Cruces, NM

********** I write to you because I recently ran across a copy of the Winter/Spring issue of the Founders Journal and was elated to read the articles about returning to the old paths. God’s timing is perfect as usual. I was saved on February 19, 1995, after spending most of my life in a Southern Baptist church serving as a deacon. I am 59 years old and excited about what happened to me and when I read the journal. I praised God for my heart goes out to those trapped in the church, lost as I was because the truth is not being proclaimed….

Yours in Christ,
Arlington, TN

********** Here at Southeastern Seminary, myself and many friends thank you for your work in promoting our Lord as a God of grace. We applaud your efforts towards correct theology. Let me know how I may be of any help to you. Is it still possible to get a free copy of the sesquicentennial issue? Also send information on how to join your organization as well as the Forgotten Spurgeon information.

B. P., student
Wake Forest, NC

There is no organization which can be joined. The Founders Conference is a loose fellowship of pastors, church leaders, and other interested parties. We have no membership. The work is overseen by a planning committee. The only things which one may “sign up” for are the annual conference and a subscription to the Founders Journal.

********** I received my copies of the Founders Journal and wanted to let you know how pleased I was. I will be praying for you as you prepare to answer the many questions and requests you will surely receive as a result of this excellent publication. I gave one copy to a friend who serves here with CBF. Pray that this issue will bring about a profound change in the theology of many of our missionaries, both in Indonesia and around the world. Please let me know if there is anyway I can help in addition to my prayers for you and your efforts with the journal.

Yours in Christ,
B. M., SBC missionary