Death of Dr. Ward Walker

All who love the truth of God will be sorry to learn of the death of Ward Walker March 24. He served as Vice-President of East Texas Baptist University in Marshall. He was a great supporter of the Founders Journal and conference. His loss will be keenly felt by all who knew him. Ward is survived by his wife, Dianne, his daughter, Mrs. Philip (Cari) Johnson, and 3 sons–Timothy and his wife, Rebecca, and their sons, Matthew & Justin; Joshua, who is in the Marine Corps; and James, a pre-teen who lives with his mother. At his memorial service one of the hymns which Ward composed, “Waiting on the Lord,” was sung by the congregation. The first verse expresses the hope and confidence by which he lived and in which he died:

“He’s the God of time and timing. He’s the Lord of circumstance.
He’s my Father, and I’m waiting on His sovereign providence.
`Wait, I say, just wait upon Me. Trust Me now with all your cares.
I will guide and guard and give you My best answer to your prayers.'”

Please pray for Dianne and the children as they grieve the loss of a faithful husband and father.

Moderate Editor Says the CBF is “Lying”

Jack Harwell, editor of Baptists Today, has stated that, despite claims to the contrary, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is already a de facto denomination. “My position has been that we’re being deceptive. We’re lying to people when we say we’re not [a denomination],” he said. ” We should just go ahead and turn our backs on the Southern Baptist Convention and forget about it.”

“Authenticus Baptistus” or Jellyfish?

Authenticus Baptistus” is an endangered species, Russell Dilday recently told a group of American Baptists in Syracuse, NY. The primary reason “authentic Baptists” are dying off, he said, is because they have given up their freedom. While Baptists share a number of “convictional genes,” the dominant Baptist gene, Dilday claimed, is freedom. Freedom is “so deeply ingrained within our life essence that it becomes an identifier, the primary description of who we are.” The most serious threat to authentic Baptists “is from within, from pseudo-Baptists, rogues inside the family who either never knew or have forgotten what our true identity is,” the former Southwestern Seminary president said. His proposals for resisting this threat include rejecting the use of creeds. Baptists may be nudged toward creeds by the “aimless uncertainty” of post-modern culture and the “bland absence of conviction,” he said, “But authentic Baptists will always resist that temptation and maintain our historic aversion to any man-made creeds.”

One wonders how Dr. Dilday would classify his predecessor, the principal founder and first president of Southwestern, B. H. Carroll, who wrote, “The modern cry: `Less creed and more liberty,’ is a degeneration from the vertebrate to the jellyfish, and means more heresy. Definitive truth does not create heresy–it only exposes and corrects. Shut off the creed and the Christian world would fill up with heresy unsuspected and uncorrected, but none the less deadly” (comments on Eph. 4:1-16 taken from An Interpretation of the English Bible). Part of the information in this story was taken from an Associated Baptist Press release.

Literature ministry in Eastern Europe

Stichting Kom Over En Help is an organization in the Netherlands which is committed to translating and distributing God-centered literature to Eastern Europe countries. Presently they are finishing the translation of a concise version of Matthew Henry’s Commentary in Bulgarian. If you would like to assist in this work or want more information you may contact them at P. O. Box 138, 386 AC NIJKERK, The Netherlands.