1In 1845, there were about 4,000 Southern Baptist churches. Fifty years later that number had grown to 18,000. In 1945 there were 26,000 and by 1995 the total was approximately 40,000. Assuming one preacher per church, and each preacher preaching for 50 years, the convention has had at least 88,000 preachers. Assuming further that a whole new shift has just reported to work at our 40,000 churches, we shall count only the 48,000 who have gone before. If each of those preached an average of once per Sunday for their 50 years of ministry, we have 2,500 sermons per preacher (M.E. Dodd is reported to have preached 18,000 times! See T.W. Gayer, “Monroe Elmon Dodd,” Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists,, mg. ed., Norman Cox [Nashville: Broadman, 1958], p. 378). This makes a total of 120 million sermons from 48,000 preachers for our first 150 years. Of course, these are extremely conservative numbers. There are more preachers than churches and more sermons than Sunday morning sermons. And the turnover of preachers is much greater.

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