Dear Sir,
I am an American Baptist pastor in California. I heard about the Founders Journal and I would very much like to subscribe. The church is sick and weakly because the gospel is rarely preached. Emphasis is placed on human effort rather than on the complete depravity of all humankind and the inherent necessity for a grace that is irresistible. I am a sinner, hostile to God and I need a powerful God to save me; Calvinism is the gospel that proclaims such a God and gives Him 100% credit and glory. I have enclosed a check for $25. I don’t know what it costs to subscribe. If $25 is over the subscription cost consider the balance as a gift for the ministry of the Founders Journal.

M. M.
Pacifica, CA

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am an associate pastor at a church [in] Texas, and a student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am writing to thank you for your excellent ministry through the Founders Journal. Your publication is truly a beacon of encouragement to those serving and studying in an environment hostile to Calvinist theology. The sovereignty of God forms the basis of all of my ministry and study. Thanks for helping me with both through the Founders Journal.

Seeking to honor him,
D., TX

Thank you for your excellent publication. I look forward to receiving each issue and I have found the articles inspiring and encouraging. You are to be heartily commended for directing Southern Baptists back to the roots of the faith. I particularly enjoyed Piper’s article on Spurgeon. I am not a pastor but shared this article with my pastor who enjoyed it as well. Keep up the great work!

Thank You!
R. S.
El Paso, TX
via e-mail

I have been studying the doctrines of grace for about six months. This began as the result of attending classes in a near-by seminary. While growing up in a Southern Baptist church, I never even heard of these issues. I discovered your journal about a month ago and am excited to see that there are Southern Baptists who affirm these doctrines. I was even shocked to discover that the founders of the Southern Baptist Convention were strong Calvinists who held to these doctrines as well. It appears that we have come a long way from there.

While teaching an adult Sunday School class at the Southern Baptist church in which I attend, I brought the idea up that God has chosen us and not vice-versa. That opened a can of worms and I soon thought that I would be labeled a heretic. I have never seen an issue such as this cause such a commotion. In fact, I have been in classes where those in attendance would be less likely to be critical of an unorthodox view of Christ than they would concerning the doctrine of election. Is this the typical reaction in most SBC churches?…Thanks again for your journal and please keep it coming.

B. S., Georgia
via e-mail