Announcing Founders Press

Announcing Founders Press

The Southern Baptist Founders Conference was inaugurated in 1983 in hopes that it might “glorify God honor His gospel, and strengthen His churches by providing encouragement to Southern Baptists in historical biblical, theological, practical, and ecumenical studies” (as taken from the “Statement of Motives” of the conference). From the beginning, the conference has been designed to be “balanced…in respect to doctrine and devotion expressed in the Doctrines of Grace and their experimental [experiential] application to the local church, particularly in the areas of worship and witness” (from the “Statement of Purpose”).

As God has blessed the conference, other related efforts have grown out of it. The Founders YOUTH Conference now meets each summer in the Florida panhandle. Various regional Founders Conferences have sprung up — most notably in the Southwest (Lubbock, Texas) and Midwest (St. Louis, Missouri). In 1990 the Founders Journal was launched. In 1995 Mission 150 took advantage of the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Southern Baptist Convention by producing and distributing over 60,000 copies of a special double issue of the journal.

Each of these developments has been consistent with the original intent and purpose behind the Founders Conference. Now, the vision is expanding once again.

The 1996 Founders Conference marked the inauguration of Founders Press, a new publishing enterprise which shares the same concerns and is committed to the same goals as the Founders Conference and Founders Journal. The Founders Press is committed to producing and distributing books, pamphlets and other materials which are consistent with the doctrines of grace. These will cover devotional, theological, expositional, historical and pastoral areas of interest.

The first publication is entitled, From the Protestant Reformation to the Southern Baptist Convention, by Tom Ascol. It is the initial pamphlet in the “Founders Heritage Series” and is now available. Two other works are currently in production: a short historical and theological analysis of the Southern Baptist Convention by Tom Nettles and a treatment of infant baptism and believer’s baptism by Fred Malone. Other titles by various authors are in development.

Founders Press intends to provide materials which can assist believers in private and group studies, discipleship efforts, and new member orientation. In addition, materials which introduce the Baptist heritage will also be produced. These will range from small, easy-to-read pamphlets to larger, more scholarly works.

Your support in this new effort is greatly needed. Please pray that God will give guidance and power to all who will be involved in bringing these materials into print. Pray that He will provide financial supporters for this ministry. Consider using Founders Press materials in your home and church. Tell others — especially bookstores and book distributors — about this new work. Above all, pray that God will use the literature which is produced to bring much glory to Jesus Christ and much good to His people.