Mark Dever Joins SBFC Planning Committee

Mark Dever, pastor of the historic Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., has recently joined the planning committee of the Southern Baptist Founders Conference. He received his Ph.D. in Puritan studies from Cambridge and serves as an adjunct professor at Beeson Divinity School.

1996 Founders Conference

The fourteenth Founders Conference convened once again on the campus of Samford University in Birmingham, AL. Nearly 350 registrants gathered to consider the theme, “The Doctrines of Grace.” Despite some difficulties with the accommodations, the conference proved to be full of encouragement and warm fellowship. Geoff Thomas from Wales spoke four times in a manner which not only clearly explained the historic doctrines of Calvinism but also exemplified the character of expository preaching. Six stories on the conference were released by Baptist Press and are available from the Founders web site ( Cassette tapes of the messages are available from Dick Cook at Sound Word Associates, P.O. Box 2035, Michigan City, Indiana, 46360; (219) 879-7753.

Announcing the Founders Works Online Project

Would you like to see a collection of historic Southern Baptist works on the World Wide Web? Efforts are currently underway to make some of the Southern Baptist founders’ works available on the Founders web site. We are pleased to announce that John Dagg’s Autobiography and Treatise on Church Order are already online. As soon as possible, we hope to add his Manual of Theology. We also desire to put online James Boyce’s Abstract of Systematic Theology, P. H. Mell’s A Southern Baptist Looks at Predestination, and Southern Baptist Sermons on Sovereignty and Responsibility. In order to move forward aggressively with this project we need volunteers to help with the following tasks: scanning/typing texts into a word processor, converting to HTML, and proofreading. If you are able to help in any of these areas please send an email note to Dr. Stan Reeves at

International Outreach Books

The book publishing ministry of International Outreach is growing with the addition of at least four new titles planned for 1996-1997. Currently in progress is a modernization of Spiritual Refining, a classic work on true and false conversion by Westminster divine, Anthony Burgess. Expected release date is November of 1996. Planned for 1997 is the republication of two works by Thomas Hooker, The Christian’s Two Chief Lessons: Self-Denial and Self-Trial and The Soul’s Humiliation. International Outreach has also launched a children’s book series called, “Proverbs 22:6 Series” which is designed to assist parents in training their children with sound, biblical materials. The first book, The Rich Man and Lazarus is beautifully illustrated with 14 full-color illustrations by So-Hee Kim. It teaches children about heaven and hell using Luke 16:19-31 as the text and containing 4 songs from Divine and Moral Songs for Children by Issac Watts. Also included are a word to parents by William C. Nichols and a message to children by James Janeway. The next book in the series is scheduled for release in 1997 and is entitled The True and the False. For a price list of these and other available titles (including evangelistic tracts) contact William Nichols at International Outreach, 2903 Eisenhower, Ames, Iowa 50010.

More Drive-by Baptisms

According to recent AP news reports Baptist churches in Florida and Massachusetts are now under investigation by police because of their baptismal practices. The Florida church has evidently been baptizing children who attend their Bible Schools without any parental notification. After two children came home in tears, a police investigation was launched. In Massachusetts, “A Baptist church used promises of pizza and basketball games to attract hundreds of children, and then gave them full-body baptisms into a faith that is foreign to many of them, parents charge.” According to the report, “Most of the children are from public housing projects. ‘Families around here are lucky to get pizza once a month, so if they offer it to kids, they go,’” said one mother whose three-year-old-son has been repeatedly approached by church members. In defense of his church’s practice, the pastor is quoted as saying, “Jesus told us to go into the world to preach the gospel. Baptism is doing more than just hearing what the man said and it’s in the Bible, who am I to say what is right?” Hopefully, he was misquoted.