Dear Sir:

I recently moved from the S.F. Bay Area to Northern CA. I left my old church feeling a great deal of frustration. My fingerprints were on everything after being a member for nearly 25 years, but as the church got into step with demographics and “ministry”, I became an outsider in a church that was “my home”. It was an independent Baptist church with no official associational connections. I’m now a member of an SBC [church] but don’t really consider myself a genuine SB. After reading some of your articles I feel that you are fearlessly articulating my concerns about the crisis in the Christian community.

B.B. via email.

Dear Tom & others,

Many thanks for being “light” in a dark land and “water” for the thirsty. I enjoy every issue of the FJ. I found your article concerning Kirby Godsey’s book very illuminating. How much more heretical can one become before they are given their walking orders? His positions on the salvific work of Christ are most alarming, not to mention, quite destructive…

Thanks again for informing Southern Baptists of their heritage regarding the Doctrines of Grace.

Best regards in Christ,
B.P., pastor, via email

Dear Dr. Ascol:

Thank you for this recent edition of the Founders Journal. It was enlightening and forthright. Your article on heresy is a gem. Thank you for standing for the great truths of God’s Word.

Roger Nicole’s article was a delight to read. One could picture him having this discussion! Hopefully, more Bible-believing Baptists will recognize the importance of the great creeds of the church and will promote them to popularity once again. It is pitiful to find out that many church members cannot even locate a copy of their church’s articles of faith. It would be nice to see pastors and members alike possess a working knowledge of some of the great creeds. One would hope to see Dr. Nicole expand upon the creeds in future editions of the Journal.

Again, thank you for the wealth of information.

P.R.H., pastor
Lehigh Acres, Florida