I appreciate you taking up this challenge. . . I had Dr. Estep for Baptist and Church History while I was at S.W.B.T.S. in 1985-88. I should have learned through him what I learned from the Founders Journal. I would hope that he would come to the truth, as well as his students, along with the many others that read of this controversy. I appreciate you guys on the Founders Conference Planning Committee. Be faithful to the truth!

R. S.

Dear Sir,

I have read most of this new issue [#29]-it is excellent. It is sad to see a scholar of Estep’s stature make such blunders to support what’s dear to him.

Your journal ranks as my favorite right now! You all serve the truth well. May the Lord continue to bless your endeavors.

In Him,
R. R., via email

. . . just a brief note to congratulate you on the current issue [#29]. I greatly enjoy reading and thinking over the various articles. Great job!!

The doctrines of sovereign grace are the light of my daily experience with the Lord Jesus Christ. As a reader of Spurgeon and an admirer of the Puritans, I glory in His glory! What a wonderful release: the doctrines of sovereign grace shift all the attention to our Lord and away from ourselves.

May God richly bless your noble efforts!
Love in Him,
M. H. via email

Dear Dr. Ascol,

I am gladly renewing my subscription to the Founders Journal. I am very thankful for the alternative you offer to the usual SBC and state convention fare that we pastors are swamped with each month. (Most of which is shallow and dreadfully lacking in sound, scriptural content). Even though your magazine comes out only four times per year, in your case less is more!

Again, thank you very much for your Christ-honoring, Biblically-based magazine.

S. W., KY

Dear Sirs,

. . . I now take the opportunity to comment that I find the journal refreshing, doctrinally sound, and utterly devoid of the theological fluff that seems to find its way into many religious journals. Far too few pastors and other church and denominational leaders have an affinity for biblically sound teachings. Let it be the Founders Journal‘s goal to continue to take the ax to the root of today’s Christian Lite church life.

Thank you for your service to the Body for I am a fellow member and remain grateful,

J. B., Raleigh, NC

Dear Brothers in Christ:

Thank you so much for your sterling efforts on behalf of the doctrines of grace. I have been reading the Founders Journal on the internet now for some months. I would like to subscribe, in order to receive the journal in more usable booklet form. It is very expensive to send a bank draft from this country. Could you arrange to receive payment via Visa card or through an outlet such as Great Christian Books which already accepts credit card payments?

I am the pastor of Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in Hamilton, New Zealand. I was born in Australia and became interested in the doctrines of grace while working for The Navigators. During Systematic Theology classes at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Dr. Roger Nicole dispelled my concerns about limited atonement. Pastoring Baptist Union churches in Australia increased by desire to pastor in a situation where the sovereignty of God was understood and believed. I therefore accepted a call to Trinity in 1992.

The latest issue of the Founders Journal [28] is very timely in our situation . . . . It seems that we must always be defending orthodox doctrine even while striving to communicate the gospel to a lost and dying world.

Keep up the good work. Hebrews 6:10.
Yours in Christ,
D. M., via email