Fifteenth Founders Conference

Iain Murray was the keynote speaker for the fifteenth annual Founders Conference which met in Birmingham in July. He addressed the theme, “Reformation and Revival” and brought challenging instruction and exhortation on this vital subject. His warnings to guard against “wildfire” while seeking the genuine fire of renewal were especially timely in light of what is going on in Toronto and other places with the so-called “laughing revival.” Other papers and messages complemented the theme very well and the singing was once again a wonderful encouragement. Over four hundred attended the meetings, making this the largest gathering to date.

Of special note is the evaluation of the revival in Korea by Dr. Young M. Pee. He is an American trained (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) professor of theology in Korea. His presentation was both humbling and heart warming. The zeal and devotion of our brothers and sisters in Korea in seeking God exposes the shallowness which characterizes too much of our own spirituality in this country.

Full reports of the conference are available on the Founders Web site at Tapes may be ordered from Dick Cook at Sound Word Associates * P.O. Box 1035, Mall Station * Michigan City, IN 46361-7735. Next year’s conference is scheduled for July 28-31 in Birmingham. Conrad Mbewe from Zambia is scheduled to be the key note speaker.

Southwestern takes a stand

Though details are sketchy, administrators at Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth have evidently acted to remove Professor Jeff Pool from teaching responsibilities. Last year Pool edited a controversial issue of Southwestern Journal of Theology. It included articles by noted Southern Baptist moderates on the Baptist Faith and Message. At that time the administration pulled the journal but gave as the reason a desire to redesign the format. Recently, Pool published the articles with Smyth and Helwys in a book entitled, Sacred Mandates of Conscience: Interpretations of the Baptist Faith and Message. He has another book forthcoming, entitled, Against Returning to Egypt: Exposing and Resisting Credalism in the Southern Baptist Convention .

President of SBC admonishes students to study doctrine

“Learn Christian doctrine” was the advice Tom Elliff had for young ministers and seminarians in a pastors’ forum at Southern Seminary. “Part of the problem we have had in the Southern Baptist Convention is that we have a generation of preachers who did not learn doctrine,” he said. “If you don’t get systematic theology planted in your heart, when you go to your church you’re going to talk to them about things that are about as significant as cotton candy.” (BP)


In FJ 28 an editing mistake was made in a footnote reference on page 17. The second paragraph of footnote 1 should read: “Every Commandment, except the fourth, is repeated or clearly alluded to with approval in the New Testament Epistles.” The reference sighted for the fourth commandment is from the Gospel of Mark and not from a NT letter.