Dear Sir,

I am a pastor in Colorado. I am ordained SBC, but I am in a Conservative Baptist church now. Because of family needs, I am going to relocate back to Texas. . . . I was at Southeastern Seminary when all of the “moderate” troubles and Dr. Lolley’s resignation took place. I am eager to be a part of reformation and revival in our churches in the SBC.

Thanks for any assistance.

Yours in Christ
D. A., via email

Dear Founders:

I just read the Christianity Today article “Calvinism Resurging Among SBC’s Young Elites” posted on your home page. Thanks for making it available.

I suppose resistance and misrepresentation are to be expected when you challenge the current religious opinions. We all recognize the fact that our blessed Lord Jesus drew the most heated resistance from the entrenched religous crowd, but the common people heard Him gladly. Like incumbent politicians, entrenched doctrine is difficult to overcome–but our God is able! . . .

It is most encouraging that sovereign grace doctrine is enjoying a renaissance in general, but I have to confess that sometimes my expectations regarding a great return within the SBC is rather underwhelming. None are so blind as those who refuse to see.

I appreciate your dedication and wonderful work. I have been a subscriber to the journal since its inception. I am a layman who had a great struggle with the sovereignty issues before coming to embrace them. What a difference a truly biblical understanding of the purpose of God brings. Praise be to His name forever!

D. B., via email

Dear Sir,

I found the information and services of your Web Page very helpful and encouraging. I am a Charismatic that discovered the Reformed Faith as I was trying to find a tradition and theology that was both biblical and orthodox. The Charismatic movement is a movement in search of a theology. We are also Baptist both in terms of forms of baptism and also in our understanding of the Church as a community of believers. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to restoring the doctrines of grace to their proper place in the life of the Evangelical Church.

For the Lambs War,
D. S., WV

Please start my subscription to the Founders Journal. I’m very impressed with the topics covered and even use the journal in helping me prepare lessons for Sunday School. Great work on the Web Site! Thank you for your commitment to biblical Christianity.

E. S., Memphis, TN, via: e-mail

Subject: Thank you

We appreciate your ministry. We first found out about the Founders Journal while visiting our son at seminary (NOBTS). We are so glad that we found you on-line and are pleased with what we are reading. We were wondering if we were the only people in a SBC church that were concerned with the theology held by the early church fathers.

In Christ,
The H. Family

Dear Bro. Ascol:

I received my free copy of the Founders Journal. Before I finished reading the first article my heart was filled with joy. I attempt to preach the blessed doctrines of grace in a church that has been fed a steady diet of Arminian doctrine for more than forty years. Many are rebelling against the truth and are leaving, others are beginning their whispering campaign to have me ousted from the pulpit, but thank God, some, only a few, are receiving the Word and are showing real evidence of grace in their lives. . . .

Please remember me when you pray that I will be faithful to my calling and never compromise the blessed truths our Sovereign Lord has been pleased to reveal to me. I am so thankful that there are others like you who are declaring these blessed truths. I long for some fellowship with men of like faith, but there are few in my denomination who will publicly own them. I am seeking to be a light in the midst of much doctrinal darkness and confusion. . . .

Yours because of His free grace,
J. H., Texarkana, TX

Hi Tom,

Thank you all for the current issue [#31]. Confronting the stereotypes and confusion about Calvinism is so needed these days. Many of those in the church growth movement, even when presented with clear biblical evidence for the doctrines of grace, will automatically call to mind pictures of disobedient behavior to our Lord’s great commission as the necessary and logical outcome of believing such theology. I see this as a major hurdle for many in their thinking. Thank you for spending time on this subject.

By the way, you sent me a manuscript (by Fred Malone) I have really enjoyed it and it has helped to strengthen my faith.

J. H., via email

Editor’s note: The manuscript by Fred Malone is a reference to A String of Pearls Unstrung, now available from Founders Press.

Dear Editor,

I read with delight the Founders Journal most recently sent to me!

I was saved in a Southern Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1962. In 1968 I left the Southern Baptists to join an Independent Baptist church. Please know, I have always believed in the election of the saints.

Approximately 10 years ago I read with avid delight Vols. I and II of the works of Jonathan Edwards (Banner of Truth.) From then on I have had–and continue to “thirst” for the wonderful old ways of Calvinistic Christianity. I now wonder, why do I remain in the Independent Baptist Fellowship (BBF) that is far from Calvinistic, or what I so believe to be biblical truths?

Springfield is considered “conservative Bible Belt”–that again is quite untrue!

I keep praying–and believe God has greater days ahead for His own–and indeed I pray for revival; without which, I personally see little hope!

Please do acknowledge my subscription! You or anyone else cannot write enough concerning the “old ways,” or encouragement to return to our wonderful Christian roots (for us, that would be Baptist.)

The Puritans are my ideal of Christianity! I’m sick and disgusted with the Baptist Church of whatever persuasion that thinks “entertainment” is important, which is not [true]!

Again know, I read with delight the Winter/Spring 1995 journal that I received! . . .

L. E., Springfield, MO

Dear Dr. Ascol,

This year a friend gave me the gift ofFounders Journal and it has given me much encouragement and information. We are living in a time of struggle over beliefs–people have dug in and hold fast to a lot of false ideas they have been taught. Not until 1984 did I see the Bible in the light of Calvinism. Before that time, as a Southern Baptist, I was taught “milk-style” in the churches I attended. I became a Christian in 1953 at the age of 13. When I look back, I know without a doubt, God did all the work in my salvation. Although I did study for years on my own, [I] went to church to find it watered down–it was discouraging. Those years were hard because I had no leadership with direction. When I read publications such as yours I have great hope for reform among our people. We need not war with each other as Christians unless there is error–there is much error–sad to say. It is hard for me to think I trusted leaders who would not lead. But it is not all waste because the Holy Spirit taught me scripture and when the right leader came along I knew it right away. I am now in a Reformed Southern Baptist Church with a wonderful Calvinist pastor who is not afraid to preach the truth as God’s word plainly gives.

Again, may I say thanks for the wonderful way you present the truth, giving both sides a hearing–that is very commendable.

Love in Christ,
L. K., SC

Dear Sir,

I would like to extend my subscription for the next two years.

I give thanks to our God for information I receive through the journal. It has helped to change me to be a more biblically sound Christian and to have a better awareness of the history of Southern Baptists.

I once gave adherence to a “man-centered numbers game,” approach to Christianity. The Founders Journal and some area friends helped me to see that there was more to it!

I’m thankful for His providential hand in bringing me to more of an awareness of who He is! Our Southern Baptist forefathers knew the God of the Scriptures in greater depth than those who seek to lead us now.

Thank you, dear brothers, for your work in helping us around the church field to know these truths.

Sincerely a Founders Journal fan,
R.S., Conyers, GA