Southwest Founders Conference

The Southern Baptist Founders Conference Southwest is planned for September 30-October 2, 1999 at Heritage Baptist Church, just outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. The theme is “Our Triune Lord” and speakers include Pastors Tom Chantry, Bob Selph, Fred Malone, Tom Ascol and Professor Tom Nettles. Cost is $40.00, with discounts for students and early registrations. For more information contact Glenn Woods, Conference Coordinator at (817) 297-2702 or (817) 991-6076.

Founders Breakfast in Atlanta

The Founders Fellowship Breakfast, held in conjunction with the annual Southern Baptist Convention in Atlanta was attended by more than 150 registrants. The event was covered by both Baptist Press and Associated Baptist Press and articles are available on their web sites.

SBC President Welcomes Discussion of Calvinism

In his presidential address at the recent Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Paige Patterson noted the revival of the doctrines of grace among Southern Baptists. “Some wring their hands in apparent terror over these discussions,” He said. “I welcome them.”

Appealing to a theory of Southern Baptist origin, Patterson stated, “Discussions of Calvinism will not injure our corpus or hinder our future so long as we remember that two distinct tributaries feed our Southern Baptist river. From the Charleston tributary we receive a strong infusion of the sovereignty of God, while the Sandy Creek tributary runs deep with the freedom and responsibility of man. Sandy Creek inspires us to persuade men to come to Christ, while Charleston reminds us that salvation is the work of God alone. As long as we can, with Christian charity and brotherly compassion, discuss these verities whose mysteries clearly transcend even our brightest minds like the blazing noon-day sun transcends a flickering candle, we shall not squander our heritage.”

While his historical analysis bears closer scrutiny in light of Regular and Separate Baptist documentary evidence, Dr. Patterson’s theological cautions and plea for brotherly love are deeply appreciated, timely reminders to all Southern Baptists who want to live under the authority of God’s Word.

New Founders Press Title

Be Sure What You Believe: The Christian Faith Simply Explained, by Joe Nesom, is the latest title by Founders Press. Erroll Hulse describes it as “a first-rate book because it explains in an easy-to-read, flowing style the foundational truths of Christianity. Joe Nesom is thoroughly biblical and meets hard questions without flinching.” Dr. Nesom is a member of the Founders Ministries Board of Trustees. He is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Jackson, LA. The book retails for $11.99 and is available from Founders Press, PO Box 150931, Cape Coral, FL 33915.

Pastor and Church List on the Web

After many requests and years of consideration, plans are underway to post on our web site a list of pastors and/or churches which are “Founders friendly.” The number of requests to Founders Ministries for churches or contacts from people who desire fellowship with other like-minded believers near them has become almost overwhelming over the last year. In order to make this information more readily available, a voluntary list will be compiled and posted at If you are interested in being included in such a list, contact our web master, Dr. Stan Reeves at with pertinent contact information. Include a statement of your own confessional orientation and/or that of your church.