Founders Journal · Summer 2000 · p. 33


Greetings from Port Elizabeth.

I wish to take this opportunity to praise the Lord for the work that you are doing at Founders. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to prosper the work you do. I have always enjoyed reading and being challenged by the Founders Journal which I download from the web whenever they are posted.

I am a lecturer at the Bible Institute Eastern Cape, an interdenominational college seeking to address the years of neglect of Bible teaching amongst the historically deprived in South Africa. The bulk of our student body is drawn from the local Xhosa population with many of them coming from African Initiated Churches. We would value your prayers for us in our ministry.

Your brother in the service of the King of Kings,
D. M., via e-mail

Dear Brother Ascol,

Your article “Reformation and Controversy” is outstanding! What good does it do us to believe in the inerrancy of Scripture if we are not willing to bow to the supreme and final authority of Scripture?

My prayer is that conservative leaders like Adrian Rogers and Paige Patterson will have their eyes opened to the truth of the doctrines of God’s sovereign grace and become preachers and promoters of these teachings. This would get the attention of Southern Baptist pastors all over the United States.

Keep up the excellent work!

Your friend in Christ,
J. K., via e-mail

Dear Friends,

Know that I love you and am with you in my prayers.

The Founders Journal — Honesty, Integrity, Selflessness. Where could I go but to the Lord?

In the Name of Christ Jesus,
J. R.