Founders Journal · Fall 2000 · pp. 29-30


I received my Founders 2000 CD yesterday, and I was very impressed. Thanks for the quality product at a reasonable cost. I know that it will be of benefit to me for years to come.

G. A. via e-mail

Just read your article from issue 41. I was a messenger at this year’s SBC who was trying to get to a microphone to amend the 2000 BF&M on the subjects of the Lord’s Day and Man, but the liberals were all hogging the microphones and debate was cut off. My amendment would have been to keep the 1963 wording on the Lord’s Day and to revert to the 1925 wording concerning the nature of man. But the liberals are still among us and the opportunity for substantive debate was cut off when the time allotted ran out.

D. B. R. via e-mail

Good Morning, …

While I have been a Christian since 1977, I have only recently come to understand reformed doctrine and accept most of its teachings. While preparing a Sunday school lesson in 1Peter I got into a lengthy study of what the word “foreknowledge” really meant. Once I understood that it wasn’t really possible for it to mean chosen based on who He foresaw would choose Christ, but chosen because of His will, well, everything else seemed to fall into place. I attend Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Virginia Beach, VA. My current Systematic Theology class has given me the opportunity to write a paper on Election, Foreknowledge, and Man’s Free Will. As stated, I have been somewhat of a “secure Arminian,” of the SWORD OF THE LORD variety until a couple years ago when I started understanding that, as Jonah said, “salvation is (completely) unto the Lord.” Fortunately I have been a long time John MacArthur fan so I wasn’t too far gone (he recommended you, by the way). I have Calvin’s Institutes and all his commentaries now, I wish I had time to read them, but I don’t have to tell you what seminary does to your ability to read what you WANT to read. Anyway, thanks for your publication, I really appreciate it.

C. L. S. via e-mail

Dear Brother Ascol:

Thank you for your recent article on reformation and controversy [FJ #40]. I found the section on Wesley and Whitefield very helpful as I have felt that sting also.

G. B. via e-mail

I just wanted to send you all a little note of encouragement for your ministry and the articles that you produce. They are very thought provoking and enlightening. Being a soon to be pastor it is such a blessing to find good stuff out there to read and grow from.

I also admire your Calvinistic stance and defense. Being a Calvinist and a great lover of the works of Spurgeon, the blessing I receive is two-fold.

B. S. via e-mail

I praise God for your site and for what you are doing. I am a young man that believes in the doctrines of grace. I am looking at going to seminary and entering into the preaching of the gospels of God’s Holy Word. I would be very grateful if you could point me in the direction of a website message board or someone able and willing to answer questions that I have about going about being a reformed Baptist within the SBC. Could you tell me if Southwestern supports Calvinism also? I thank you for any help that you can offer. God bless you and continue to strive to bring back correct doctrine within our churches.

In God’s service,
Mark via e-mail

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am very interested in reading FJ regularly ever since I’ve had a free sample issue. I am on my way of discovering the “doctrines of grace.” The problem is, though, I cannot afford the subscription. I am enrolled at a small German seminary and budget is usually quite tight here.

So I was wondering if there might be any funds that you have in order waive the subscription price for me. Just wondering … I would not want you to have to bend your backs in order to make it possible for me to have FJ. Please be honest, if it’s not possible at all.

Thank you so kindly!
Soli Deo Gloria,
S. H. via e-mail