Founders Journal · Winter 2001 · pp. 29-31


Dear Sir,

I want to let you know how very much I have appreciated the Founders Journal, which I have been receiving for several years now. The content is excellent, reflecting the strong and determined purpose of your organization (fellowship?).

I pray with you for a great spiritual awakening to come over the SBC, to deliver the pastors and churches from their vague and unclear preaching and beliefs. I am not a Southern Baptist, but have met and talked with many pastors and members in my ministry career and have been astonished at their biblical ignorance and even lack of assurance in salvation. I’ve had the joy of leading a few of these to Christ.

I am a retired missionary (Conservative Baptist) for twelve years and have done much reading, which has deepened my reformed Baptist position and beliefs. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate what you are doing to bring many Southern Baptists around to see the truth of God’s Word and to stand upon it. Frankly, I am not very hopeful of American Christianity turning back to God, but I do believe this will happen one on one as God’s Holy Spirit works in individuals. And you are one of God’s means to accomplish this!

God bless you!

Grateful in Christ,

A. M., via e-mail

Dear Sirs:

Who are you? This is excellent material. A call of the Baptist to return to the original teachings of scripture as testified in Baptist history. This is like a call of repentance to the Baptist denominations who have strayed like lost sheep from true scriptural teachings–especially in regard to the nature of God and the true gospel, as opposed to the modern day pulpits who merely say that we just need to “believe in Jesus”–meaning a kind of belief that is apart from the sovereign grace of God in granting real faith that leads to repentance and the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit that converts a man or woman!

I would like to know who is publishing this. Are your beliefs consistent with the Baptist confession in London in the 19th century? Is there an association of Baptist churches and seminaries that are holding true to this same confession today? I have not heard teaching from pulpits and churches and seminaries that are consistent with this confession. Where are they? There should be an association of those holding strictly to this confession, not in mere word only. Are there any efforts for such?

Are you familiar with the Founders on-line? This is also excellent with a similar message. You should be at the forefront of their website to join in the effort. Please see their Abstract of Principles if you have not already. The Southern Baptists were originally Reformed too? What has happened? What apostasy has taken place! Their ministry is to “rebuild the walls” as Nehemiah did. Let’s go to work!

Sincerely your brother in the tradition of Baptists,

B. S., via e-mail

I wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude for your website. What a relief it was to find that there are others within the SBC who see the need for reformation in our churches.

I attend a church with a 1700+ membership that is embracing a hybrid version of the “Saddleback” growth methods. While the messages haven’t been toned down (yet), the music and staff have undergone subtle changes. I realize the affinity towards such a movement is kindled by a man-centered evangelism and eschatology that sees the turmoil in Jerusalem and equates it with the end times. All the while, the sheep go largely devoid of the teaching they need.

I’m a Sunday School teacher currently teaching on the book of Romans. Besides teaching on the fundamental truths concerning man’s condition and election, what else can I do to help reform my church besides praying and fasting? I do not wield the influence necessary to reach out to a broader audience then the 15 class members during Sunday School.

My brother and I have attempted to reach-out to the pastors of the church only to be met with resistance and the pulling of rank (i.e. since we’re only lay leaders we “lack the hermeneutical training to reach the right conclusions” … “the Bible teaches both positions–man’s choice and election”).

Thanks and God bless you and your ministry … it’s an oasis!

via email

Dear Gracious Friends:

I received your “care” package containing many pieces of your good litereature. You sent the package of literature in response to my “S.O.S.” to help be build a library at my new church in Tennessee. Your literature now makes up the backbone of my library, and I display it proudly. The challenge now is to get my people to read. Please pray for us that the truth of God’s grace as presented in your literature will touch and transform the hearts of the people here. May God continue to bless you for your kindness and generosity.


D.P., TN

Dear Sirs:

Thank you so much for sending me the latest issue [#42] of the Founders Journal. I found it a blessing within the first five minutes of reading. The church where I pastor is preparing for its Missions Conference, March 11-14, and for the past two weeks I have preached on the Supremacy of God in Missions taking my ideas from Dr. John Piper, but most importantly from Scripture.

The article which grabbed my attention was “The Glory of God: Our Supreme Passion.” It was exactly what I was preaching upon this Sunday. It added fuel to my own personal fire for the Supremacy of God to my own life and prayerfully to the life of the church that God has called me to pastor in.

For your information, I pastor a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in South Georgia. I have found your ministry to be a blessing and a point of growth for me in my walk with the Lord and in pastoring. May God continue to bless you in the ministry which He has called you to.

In His Adequacy,

R.P., via email

To Whom It May Concern:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the tremendous content and accurate theology contained within your website. Thank you! You are reproducing your (actually, the Bible’s) philosophy in so many!

Praise the Lord!

B. R., via email

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a Christian church minister in rural Kansas …. I have been so blessed by the Founders Journal. Being a five point Calvinist, I have found myself entertaining infant baptism. Your issue #35 entitled, “Contending for Truth In Love,” contained several wonderful articles which blessed me and gave me more to consider.

Thank you for your ministry and stance for the truth.


D.M. via email