Founders Journal · Summer 2001 · p. 32


Southern Baptist Founders Conference Southwest

Heritage Baptist Church of Mansfield, TX (Fort Worth area) will host the conference September 27-29, 2001. The theme this year is “The Law and the Gospel” with our keynote speaker being Dr. Tom Ascol. In addition, several other men will speak on such topics as: “Law, Gospel, and Baptists: Contemporary Concerns,” “Unity of the Covenants,” “Christ’s Teaching of the Law,” “Justification,” “The Law, the Spirit, and Sanctification,” “The Sabbath,” and “The Ten Commandments: Its Bounty.” We will include a Q&A on the topic plus make available books pertinent to our subject. For further information and a brochure, contact Heritage Baptist Church at 201 E. Broad Street, Mansfield, TX 76063. E-mail: Phone: 817-453-5580.

Subscription Price to Increase

Significant postage hikes imposed by the United States Postal Service over the last year will necessitate an increase in the Founders Journal yearly subscription rate. This is only the second increase in our more than 10 years of publication. Beginning January 1, 2002, the domestic subscription cost will be increased to $15.00 per year and $20.00 per year for foreign subscriptions.