Founders Journal · Spring 2002 · pp. 27-28


Dear Brother Ascol:

Please know that the work of Founders Ministries is deeply appreciated. In this age where pragmatism and man-centeredness is the be-all and end-all, I thank you for aiming the discussion back to the basics–the sovereignty of Almighty. I pray that the Lord will bless you with energy and strength and give you and the directors of Founders guidance.

Bless you, brother.
H.L., Woodland, NC

Response from the editor:

Thanks for the encouraging words! Please continue to pray for Founders as the Lord brings us to mind. There are great opportunities and challenges in front of us. We want to be wise and good stewards. May the Lord prosper your labors.

In Christ,
Tom Ascol

Dear Dr. Thomas Ascol,

Greetings in Christ. I do rejoice for the first issue of the Founders Journal [#47] I received today. I really am eager to read everything in it and I’m almost done with it. I thank the Lord for it’s really ministering to me, in my life as a pastor. “Pastoral priorities” has really encouraged me a lot. I feel recharged. I do pray that the Lord will use this magazine to touch many more lives for the glory of our merciful God.

Gratitude is the memory of my heart,
Pastor L. (via email)

Dr. Ascol,

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the ministry of Founders Ministries. In February of 1998, the company I was working for closed its store in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was unemployed. I had heard about the Internet but had never “surfed.” I found an article about your organization in Christianity Today. The first site I ever visited was Founders. And I am glad it was. The articles in the Founders Journal had been extremely insightful and helpful. I had not given reformed theology a thought because I didn’t know where to go (got an introduction during my Christian school days). Your site has helped me to start to explore and think and start down the road to reformed theology.

Thanks for your time and energy. I am one of many who is thankful.
via email

Response from the editor:

Dear Brother:

Thanks for the encouraging note! God is doing a great work among us and we must press on with all the energy and resources that He entrusts to us. May He grant us both such resolve to live wholly for Him in these needy times.

In Christ,
Tom Ascol

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are group of Reformed Baptist believers from Odessa, Ukraine. We had been in Church which was called “Baptist” but it was not Baptist Church according dogma. Our leader group studied in seminary. He has discovered teaching about the Grace is truth. He became 5-point Calvinist (TULIP). When he came back to his Church he had to left it because his Church is Arminian doctrines Church. Therefore he have started Reformed Baptist group. But in future we would like to start Reformed Baptist Church. It is very hard here because Christians know not much about Grace doctrine. There is only Presbyterian Reformed Church but we don’t share opinion to christen (baptize) children. Therefore, we would like to start Reformed Baptist Church where we could serve to God. We are looking for like-minded people who can pray for us, giving advises and encourage us. We would like to have friends who understand us.

Y & S via email

…We appreciate the gifts from Founders that accompanied our order. May the Lord grant Founders Ministries continual steadfastness in its endeavors to promote the doctrine of His grace and to advance His Kingdom.

With Christian Greetings,
F. L., Singapore