Founders Journal · Issue 49 · Summer 2002 · p. 10


Church Planting Partnership in West Florida

The West Florida Founders Fraternal recently began a “New Works Ministry” to help newly-planted SBC churches that are purposefully Reformed. A “Mobile Chapel” project is designed to provide a temporary worship center (up to 36 months) until the new congregation can begin their own building program. Join in this groundbreaking effort as a financial partner! Fraternals, churches or individuals may support by a monthly or one-time contribution. Contact: Pastor Greg Alford, First Baptist Church, Ponce de Leon, FL. Phone: 850-836-4046 or 850-859-2822. E-mail:; (or) Pastor Russell Taylor, The Shepherd’s Church, Crestview, FL. Phone: 850-537-8202 or 850-621-2141. E-mail:

New Founders Press Title

The Way of Faith by Dr. Phil Newton is an excellent, evangelistic, brief (28 pages) booklet which sets forth God’s wonderful plan of salvation and man’s need for such a plan beginning with the truth of God as Creator. The booklet provides a clear presentation of the gospel message, how one becomes a Christian and man’s desperate need to do so. Each section ends with “Think It Over” questions that are helpful for personal study or group discussion. The booklet concludes with a helpful list of recommended books for additional reading. Sure to be a useful tool in discipling efforts! The book retails for $2.00 each (quantity discounts: 11-99 copies are $1.75 each; 100+ copies are $.75 each. Order today from our website (