Founders Journal · Winter 2003 · p. 31


New Founders Study Guide Commentary

1 Corinthians is a book that has tremendous practical counsel for twenty-first century churches. The problems that the Apostle Paul addressed to the first-century church in Corinth are still with us today, and the inspired remedies are just as authoritative and effective now as when they were first given.

This brief exposition of 1 Corinthians by Dr. Curtis Vaughan and the late Dr. Thomas Lea is designed to assist pastors and church members to better understand the flow of Paul’s thought, the chief themes of the book and the meanings of key words and phrases. Originally published in 1983 by Zondervan Press, Founders Press is pleased to make it available to the current generation of church leaders.

The retail cost of the book is $8.99. For a limited time, the book will be offered at the special introductory price of $5.99 (plus shipping and handling)! Visit our website ( to order!

New congregation in Montreal, Quebec calls pastor

…glise réformée baptiste de Montréal (Reform Baptist Church, Montreal), a two-year-old congregation, recently called Daniel Durand as pastor. The church, begun by Dr. Raymond Perron of the Reformed Baptist Mission Services, is affiliated with the Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists. Perron began the church long-distance, commuting 150 miles each weekend from Quebec City to Montreal. He will continue to assist Pastor Durand as this small congregation grows. The church is seeking other Southern Baptist sponsors/partners to help them minister in this most resistant culture. Dr. Perron can be contacted at