Founders Journal · Fall 2003 · p. 18


“What Ever Happened to Discipleship?”

A conference addressing this theme is planned for November 1–3, 2003 with keynote speakers Dr. Sam Tullock (Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church, Wylie, Texas and History Professor at Collin County Community College) and Dr. Thomas J. Nettles (Professor of Historical Theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY). The conference will be hosted by Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. For more information contact Pastor David Goff at or call (405) 478-8208 or (405) 620-6904.

Heartland Baptist Church

A new sovereign grace Southern Baptist church has been launched in Oklahoma City, OK. Chris Humphreys, Vance Martin and Bill Stemmons will work alongside one another as elders of this new church start. For more information contact Chris Humphreys at 405-969-2226 or email