Founders Journal · Fall 2004 · pp. 28-30


Dear Dr. Thomas K. Ascol,

Greetings in Christ. The Lord has been so gracious to me as I labor in His vineyard. I’m so thankful for the ministry of this Founders Journal, it has a way of reminding me about the glory and the triumphs of the Christian ministry as well as the pains and the sufferings.

I am so delighted to read your article on “Confusing Times.” Here in our country the kind of evangelicalism is “crypto-cultural Christianity”, try-it-you’ll-like-it Christianity. The ministry here is very challenging because people are getting wearied and tired of this stuff and are looking for solid answers for the many hard issues of life.

Dr. Ascol, as always you and the ministry have been a constant encouragement to me as I continue the task of reforming the church and reclaiming the gospel here in my particular context.

I would like to request a copy of your book Dear Timothy. I know this again will assist me in the path of a worthy calling. I thank God for calling me to pastor a church of Christ. I’m fulfilled and find constant encouragement from the power of the gospel.

Thanks for the part you share in the ministry here.

Pastor L.

Dear people at Founders Ministries,

… I am living in Slovakia, former communist country. Ten years ago I became Christian and as former atheist I would not think that one day I would become the missionary in my own country. It happened just two years ago. I came to Middle Slovakia into strong catholic area with my wife and two children. Before I worked as technician for PC’s and servers. This was God’s calling into full time ministry. I moved from the church where they started liberal theology which was devastating my life and life of our family. I did not find the peace under such circumstances.

I was thorn in peoples of this church eyes because of my strong believe in Inerrancy and Infallibility of Bible and especially for my believe of different roles for men and women. Also I am not big supporter of ecumenical activities which in real life do not work and cannot work. I joined Slovak Baptist e-mail discussion board where I defended the truth of Bible. Slovak Baptist church struggles with a lot of doctrines.

These were also the reasons why with the help of another couple we have now vision of planting new churches in Slovakia. There are no evangelical churches here at all. But we believe that God will bring His people into church even from such a difficult background. Sometimes it is like dark middle ages here but this make God’s work more visible. Can you imagine that two days ago we had two young people knocking on our door wanting me to pray with them and they repent and receive Christ’s righteousness? I was amazed how God is preparing people. Our group of new-born Christian is growing and I understand my responsibility to feed them by God’s Word, edify them and lead them to be disciples for God.

I lead Bible studies for youth, children and adults and Sunday morning services. But occasionally I do home Bible studies for people who cannot come from certain reasons. We also do ministry for gypsies as well.

I am not schooled theologian. I am self-learner. I wish maybe one day I will join the school but now we are in the best school we ever been. But there is problem in our country. Most of our Christian literature is liberal and I do not plan to become one. We feel strong need to have good books with sound biblical teaching here. We work on translations as well. In Slovakia there is one new publishing company named ORDO SALUTIS where they have good books. Just recently I finished translating the book from R.C. Sproul called Character of God and with the help of this publisher we would like to issue it out. I am working also on MacArthur’s Different by Design book and write articles for our website. Recently Slovak national newspaper published one article of mine concerning the pope and problem of the state church.

I read my Bible, but as self-learner I would like to study more. I have great desire to study God’s Word more deeply and be able to multiply what I gain from God in this area. I do not want to keep my knowledge of God for myself.

I would like to humbly ask you if there is any way you could help me with getting some sound theological books or any materials (they can be used and old) for my personal study and growth which I could use when teaching others here where I am? Even if you have great price down I am not able to afford it at all. This would be my biggest gift and useful tool in my ministry to people and also answer to my prayers. I will receive any study materials from you as a precious gift of grace to me from God. I found a lot of useful information on your web and wanted to ask you if you do not make CD’s out of what you published. If you do, It would be also very useful gift for me here…

I know that you are probably allergic to such e-mails where people ask you for something free, but your answer I will fully respect. It has to be God’s will. I believe in this very strong. But for me it is the only way how to get good books with sound teaching…

Thank you for any answer. May God bless your ministry richly.

Servant of God in Slovakia

A second letter after receiving CDs and books:

Dear Tom Ascol,

I received your books you sent me last week. They are great value to me because I did not have any commentary on the NT letters. And though I did not know Curtis Vaughan before now I found a lot of good teaching in his books.

I would like to thank you and all people who helped me with getting these books. After I finish teaching on the book of Matthew I plan to start with some of the letters like James or Ephesians. The books you sent will help me greatly.

I am very touched by the generosity you have and thank you again.

In His ministry,
P. J., via email (Slovakia)

I just wanted to write to apologize first of all. This time, about two years ago, I emailed a letter to you displaying my rejection of the doctrines of grace. I even said that Calvinists were heretics. I beg your forgiveness for my comments. God has really taught me over the past couple of years and illumined the Word and showed me truth. I now can say that I fully adhere to and confirm the doctrines of grace and join you in the effort to teach others of the wonderful grace of our Lord. Thank you my brothers for your ministry.

God Bless,
B. F., via email