Founders Journal 62 · Fall 2005 · p. 33


Dear Dr. Thomas K. Ascol,

Greetings in Christ. The Lord has been using and blessing the magazine the Founders Journal a lot in the ministry here especially as I teach and preach His word. I received a notice of subscription expiration. I honestly come to you and request for another free subscription. I’m so attached with the theological moorings of Founders that it’s hard for me to loose it. Honestly, our country is still in a stable currency devaluation which means everything went up, everything is very expensive yet the Lord remains in control of everything. Dr. Ascol, it’s been a while that Founders has been instrumental in my life and ministry here in the Philippines. I pray for more years and even a life-long ministry of Founders.

Gratitude is the memory of my heart,
L. G., via email (Philippines)

Response from the Editor:


Thank you for your note and kind words. I am glad the Founders Journal has been of help to you. We will renew your subscription free of charge.

May the Lord strengthen you in your work.

In Christ,
Tom Ascol