Founders Journal 62 · Fall 2005 · pp. 31-32


Upcoming Regional Founders Conferences

The Florida Regional Founders Conference is scheduled for January 26-28, 2006 in Live Oak, Florida. The theme will be “A God-Centered Theology of Worship.” Speakers include Tom Ascol, Bill Ascol, Steve Camp and Ken Puls.

The Southern Baptist Founders Conference Ark-La-Tex will be held February 23-25, 2006 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Theme will be “The Cross of Christ.” Speakers include Albert Bisson, Paul Haines, Kendall Holley, Jody Hooper and Joe Nesom.

The Southern Baptist Founders Conference Midwest is planned for March 7-8, 2006 in St. Louis, Missouri. The theme will be “Pursuing Godliness.” Key speakers will be Roy Hargrave and Don Whitney.

Subscription Increase

As announced in our eNewsletter earlier this year, due to increased costs for printing and shipping, we are increasing our subscription rate (beginning January 1, 2006). The new subscription price (one year) for the Founders Journal is $20.00 ($25.00 outside the USA).

Back in Print

The Truth and Grace Memory Book: Book 1 is now back in print. Book 1 includes “A Catechism for Boys and Girls” as well as a guided plan for memorizing Scripture and hymns of the faith. The book is available from Founders Ministries at:

Founders Study Center

The Founders Study Center will be offering four courses this spring. Courses set to begin February 6, 2006 are Systematic Theology 1 (16 sessions with audio lectures by Dr. Roger Nicole), Preaching and Preachers (16 sessions with audio lectures by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones) and Calvin and the Reformed Tradition (16 sessions with audio lectures by Dr. Timothy George). We are offering a new course, beginning March 20, 2006: Evangelism and the Excellencies of God (10 sessions with audio lectures by Pastor Jim Odens, President of PAGE Ministries). For more information, please visit our website at

Monthly Founders eNewsletter

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Founders Cruise

The first ever Founders Cruise (November 12–19, 2005) provided a wonderful time to relax together and enjoy rich, theological discussion and instruction. Messages included: “Calvinism as a Worldview” (Tom Ascol), “Calvinism and the Christian Life” (Steve Camp), “Calvinism and Evangelism” (Roy Hargrave), “Calvinism and Church Life” (David Wooten), “Calvinism and Parenting”(Tom Ascol) and “Calvinism and Marriage” (Fred Malone).

Audio from these messages is now available on our website:

Make plans now to join us this fall for the Founders Ministries Alaskan Cruise Our theme will be “The Glory of God.” For more information go to: