New in August 2006 from Founders Press

New in August 2006 from Founders Press

Life in the Body of Christ:

Privileges and Responsibilities in the Local Church

Curtis C. Thomas
©2006 by Founders Press
ISBN 0-9713361-8-0
272 pages (soft cover)

$11.95 Special Introductory Price from Founders Press Through October 31, 2006

Life in the Body of Christ is a practical and comprehensive handbook that should prove useful to every layperson in the local church. To my knowledge, there is nothing like it in print that addresses so many issues in such down-to-earth fashion. Even difficult subjects so often encountered in the church are faced head-on in a loving but insightful manner.

Jerry Bridges

About the Author: Curtis C. Thomas is a retired pastor, having served in Reformed Baptist churches for 30 years, the final 14 years at the Bible Church of Little Rock, AR. He is co-author of Romans: An Interpretive Outline and The Five Points of Calvinism: Def ined, Defended, Documented.

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