Founders Journal 66 · Fall 2006 · pp. 26-31


Pastor Ascol,

I was reading the new introduction to Boyce’s Systematic on your website, and I thought I would send you an email. You mentioned the beginnings of the Founders Conference back in 1983 and I wanted to give you a word of testimony from one who has been rocked in the cradle of Founders Conference and now thankfully looks back at what God has done through you and the Founders Conference.

I was born in 1981 in Memphis while my dad was a student at Mid-America. I remember toting my coloring books to Founders Conference when it was held, I’m pretty sure, at Rhodes College and following Dad around through the one or two book tables out in the hallway. The Founders Conference was always a fun event as Dad’s friends would travel and stay with us.

When I was nine, Dad graduated from Seminary (yeah, it took awhile : ) and we moved to north Kansas where dad became the pastor of the only Baptist church in Nemaha County. We weren’t able to go to Founders Conference anymore, and in fact, there wasn’t much theological fellowship at all. I recognize this in retrospect, because it wasn’t until we moved to Kansas that God saved me. As a boy of 9 I didn’t know how hard it was to affirm the things my father and mother affirmed and minister among those who, at best, couldn’t care less or were defiantly opposed. …

I don’t want to take up any more of your time. I just wanted to let you know that Founders Conference has played an extremely formative part in my life. I’ve struggled through issues of whether or not to become a Presbyterian and “Grass is Greener SBC Syndrome”; through all of them, Founders Conference and those I know through Founders Conference have helped me remain dedicated to the SBC and also dedicated to gospel of Jesus Christ which humbles every man who truly understands it.

Thanks for everything you do and have done. May our Lord protect you and your family. May He keep you all for Himself and make your ways prosper.


I was amazed at how fast my copy of Abstract of Systematic Theology arrived. Thanks for your prompt attention to my order. I have enjoyed the biography of Dr. Boyce, and the first two chapters, and am looking forward to spending many hours in the future, reading the book. I am a layman having never been to seminary, but have loved the doctrines of grace since my conversion, even though not knowing much about them. I always knew that, “Salvation is of The Lord.” Keep up the good work of informing people. I pray for your ministry every morning.

May God continue to bless.

J. W.