Founders Journal 68 · Spring 2007 · p. 33


Dr. Ascol,

I just wanted to write a quick note to mention that I am so thankful for your ministry to our convention. Your ministry through Founders is impacting people around the world in ways that you may not be aware.

I serve with the IMB … and have only been on the field for a few months. Last year, while in training in VA, I quickly found out that a few of the other couples going career and many of the journeymen were reformed. I knew I had found a good friend when one of our quadmates was sitting in the main room one day reading Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ by Nehemiah Coxe. We spent many hours late at night discussing the Reformers, Baptist history and our particular convictions. Many knew of your ministry and frequented the blog.

One evening, another Reformed friend and I were talking about your blog after you had posted concerning the then upcoming reprint of Dr. Boyce’s Abstract of Systematic Theology. Both of us mentioned that we would be excited to get our hands on it since neither of us had studied it. Then one day I realized that neither of us were going to be able to “get our hands on it” since we were going to be on the field when it actually came out and it would be extremely doubtful that it would make it into either of our countries.

Then as I was scanning the Founder’s site the other day, I saw that you not only made it available online, but even in PDF format, so that we could read it offline. I have read the blog for awhile and been to the site many, many times, but was not aware of the wonderful online library. I am going to e-mail my friend to let him know about it.

Many ministries, even godly ones, would remove such a link from their website as soon as their published version was available for sale. Thank you for not doing this. By not doing so, you have greatly blessed (at least) two couples on the other side of the world, and we are very grateful!

Thanks so much,

K. E. via email