Founders Journal 71 · Winter 2008 · pp. 32-33


Dear Tom,

Three years ago I read the book Dear Timothy, edited by you, and have re-read it since. May I thank you for your labour in compiling the book — it has been a great help and tonic to me — confirming some things and correcting others, after 35 years as a pastor. It has been a huge help. Of the many books I have read on the pastoral ministry, it may well be the best, in my view. May I say that the “Be Courageous” chapter is a standout, in my view, and worthy of a wide audience. I meet with some other pastors four times annually in a “Book Club” to review a book. Dear Timothy has been “voted” one of the best we have done.

Over the last few years I have taken many copies of the book to pastors in the Central Philippines with whom I meet for annual conferences (now 17 years). It has equally been a great tonic and help to them. (Many of them have SBC roots; the Lord has done quite a wonderful work among them — maybe 100 churches have been affected.) Where books are in short supply, I know that some of the copies of Dear Timothy have been passed through 6 or 7 pairs of hands. The great majority of the book speaks as well to that culture as ours. I wish you could hear the expressions of gratitude for the book from men who have little.

I thought you might be encouraged to know this.

With grateful thanks,
J. P. [via email from a reader in Australia]

To Founders Ministries,

I wanted to send a note thanking you for all that you do at Founders. Your resources are truly a blessing to the church! I would also like to share my personal journey in accepting the biblical doctrines of grace and how God used Founders Journal.

I am currently a student at Southern Seminary and came to realize that the doctrines of grace are biblical only within the past few years. I thought you would be encouraged to know God used an old issue of the Founders Journal to help open my eyes to this great biblical truth (issue #19/20 — Winter/Spring 1995).

The funny part is that I had picked my copy up on a “free table” of the library at the non-reformed Baptist college I was attending at the time (late 1990′s). I stuck it on my bookshelf and never looked at it until just a few years ago when I felt God was calling me to seminary.

I was considering SBTS but was uneasy about the thought because of its position on these doctrines. I happened to remember, by the providence of God I realize now, this little booklet had an article by Dr. Mohler, now President of Southern.

I began reading his article and then all of the others. By this time my interest had been piqued tremendously so I began carefully and prayerfully researching the subject. I was still trying to “prove them wrong” even though, in the back of my mind, I was beginning to realize that I was in fact wrong.

The wisdom of the men in the articles, Scripture, and ultimately the Holy Spirit using both worked to open my eyes to the truth. I am praying for you and the many other people who may be impacted through this wonderful ministry… only God knows!

M. G. [via email]