Founders Journal 73 · Summer 2008 · p. 10


Thanksgiving and a Request for Prayer

Many of you are aware, from reading the Founders Ministries Blog (, of the unusual providence of July 14, 2008. Our Executive Director, Tom Ascol, received a shock from a lightning strike as he reached for a car door in his driveway at home. You can read about the account on Tom’s blog, “A Display of Divine Greatness and Mercy.” We are thankful to the Lord that He spared Tom’s life and that the doctors who are caring for him expect a full recovery. We ask that you continue praying for Tom as he rests and recovers in the coming weeks.

May our kind and merciful Father be pleased to use this difficult circumstance for His glory and for the good of His Kingdom.

Founders Podcasts

In July 2008 Founders Ministries launched into podcasting. You can now listen each week as we explore issues related to the recovery and advancement of the gospel and the work of reformation in the church. The podcasts will feature interviews, lectures, sermons and discussions with pastors and church leaders who are praying and working toward this end to God’s glory.

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