Founders Journal 78 · Fall 2009 · pp. 32-33


Dear Ones,

I have been in the ministry two years. I am in a learning phase, but have given most emphasis to the ministry of the Word, which I believe is essential, esteeming that which has the priority.

I seek to train leaders through discipleship. I also work hard in the ministry of visitation and evangelism. In preaching, I seek to emphasize the study of the Word of God in our worship service, preaching expositorily, while recognizing that I still have much to learn.

There is a book that I studied as soon as I finished seminary that was a blessing in my life and ministry: Dear Timothy. I am reading it again because it has much to teach beginners like me.

Fraternally in Christ,

Pastor JR (Brazil)

Dear Dr. Ascol,

I just wanted to share a word of appreciation for the work of Founders to release the commentaries by Dr. Curtis Vaughan. Dr. Vaughan was my favorite professor at SWBTS. I had him for Greek, but it was like having Greek, New Testament, and Theology all in one. He first introduced me to the doctrines of grace. I had made some efforts to collect some of his writings, but without success; until Founders began publishing them. I just purchased the Acts commentary.

Thank you again,


Dear Brother Nettles,

Having just finished your third volume [of The Baptists], I am compelled to say that you have distinguished yourself as the Philip Schaff of Baptists. What Kenneth Scott Latourette should have done, you have masterfully accomplished. Your discernment is keen, your judgment is sound and you have made all of us indebted to you. Your thorough presentation is an encouragement to all who adhere to a solid Scriptural position, and hopefully will inform the younger generation of our glorious heritage. May God’s richest blessings be your portion day by day as you serve our Savior.

Sincerely in Christ,