Founders Journal 89 · Summer 2012 · p. 7


2012 Founders Fellowship Breakfast Audio

If you missed hearing Dr. Tom Nettles speak at the Founders Fellowship Breakfast this year, you can download the audio on the Founders website:

An expanded version of Dr. Nettles’ address appears in this issue of the journal: “Traditional” Baptists Under the Microscope of History (7-33).

Founders Study Center

Registration for Fall 2012 courses is now underway at the Founders Study Center. Lectures for our 10-week courses, Worship and Baptist Covenant Theology will be available to download to your iPod. Our 16-week course, Systematic Theology IV is being offered for free for those who wish to audit the course.

For more information:

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Traditional Theology and the SBC:

An Interaction with and Response to the Traditionalist Statement
Of God’s Plan of Salvation
By Tom Ascol

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