How to Start a Founders Fraternal

How to Start a Founders Fraternal

Locate other like-minded pastors who can lead with you

  • These should be men with whom you would like to work toward the goal of setting up a Founders Fraternal. This first leadership meeting should include solid men who are committed to reformation doctrine and practice.
  • You may find them on the friends and churches page of the Founders and Christian Communicators Worldwide web site.
  • Ask those pastors you contact if they know of other pastors who might be considered as leaders.
  • Consider pastors who may wish to come even if they have to drive a distance to participate.
  • Don�t forget reformed professors, students preparing for ministry, etc.
  • Even though others are included, a solid work usually is lead by a zealous pastor or church pastoral team who take the initiative to organize a larger group of pastors who can help. The initial leadership often has to be assumed by the pastor who is burdened to start the fraternal in the first place.

Set up an exploratory planning meeting with initial leaders

  • Read through and discuss the Founders Fraternal information found on the web site or in the Founders Fraternal brochure.
  • Determine a place and plan for the first fraternal. Make sure that this does not conflict with associational meetings, etc.
  • Decide if you wish to have an outside speaker or to be taught by one of the group.
  • Consider sound conference leaders who may already be coming to your area for your first speaker. Do not just invite anyone, but only those who hold to solid reform doctrine and practice.
  • Discuss all the ways you can contact pastors, professors, ministerial students, etc., in order to advertise the meeting properly. Again, contact the Churches and Friends web page on the Founders or CCW web site.
  • Put your name on the Founders web page under Founders Fraternals by sending an email to Explain the details of your first meeting and ask people interested to contact you.
  • Seriously pray together for God to use your labors.

Follow-up with leadership group

  • Meet with your advisory group again
  • Determine if you should proceed with other fraternal meetings.
  • If so, plan for several months ahead
  • Discuss how you will accumulate funds for any outside speakers you may wish to invite. Sometimes interested lay people will want to help support this work for pastors in their area, or churches and the pastors themselves may wish to contribute for the cause of reformation.
  • Assign someone the job of reporting on the initial meeting on the Founder�s web site.
  • PRAY!

When you are up and running, please keep in close contact with others by reporting on your meetings regularly through this web site. Encourage other pastors from outside of your city to start other Founders Fraternals. Let�s create a web of fraternals all across the nation and beyond.