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Mills Road Baptist Church
12515 Ann Lane
Houston, TX 77064
Phone: 281-469-0692
Church affiliation: Independent
Church confession: 1st London Baptist Confession (1644/1646)
Contact: Larry Newcomer, Pastor
Web page:
     MRBC was founded in the Landmark Baptist tradition in June 1974 but a Copernican change happened in 1981. Pastor Newcomer began preaching expositionally starting with the Ephesian letter. Careful exegesis soon crumbled the superficial foundation of Landmarkism and revealed the bedrock vision of the glorious body of Christ. Regretfully when pastor preached this new??? doctrine, the church split. Painful as the experience was Pastor Newcomer learned experimentally "the truth shall set you free." The reformation continued. Newly discovered openness to Scripture led to an examination of other presuppositions. A year later the pastor and church embraced the doctrines of grace and no longer held the pre-trib rapture and premillenial Dispensational system of interpreting the Bible. The eschatological position of the church now is partial Preterism while the soteriological position is reformed. The ecclesiology of the church is elder-led and has adopted the concepts of Nine Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever.

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