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The Master's Community Church
2548 S. 42nd
Kansas City, KS 66106
Phone: 913-262-7207
Church affiliation: Southern Baptist Convention
Church confession: None
Contact: Todd Chipman, Pastor
Web page:
     ?What do I want in a Church?? Ultimately our desire as a Church is to reach the lost and strengthen the saints for God?s glory (Matthew 28:18-20, 2 Timothy 2:2). We do this through emphasizing the ?classics? of Christianity: discipleship, prayer, evangelism and fellowship. We believe these are the foundation stones upon which our church is built up the Lord Jesus Christ. ?Does The Master?s Community Church preach the Bible?? We also aim to have a joyful attitude as we submit to God?s will as revealed in Scripture. Our Church is committed to ?unveiling God?s Word one verse at a time.? All of our preaching is expository?one verse at a time, one book at a time. We interpret the Scriptures as the special Revelation of God?inerrant and inspired in every part. In all of our application of God?s Word, we desire that the Holy Spirit would work in such a way that the Biblical authors would say, ?amen.?

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