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Sovereign Grace Reformed Baptist Church
6117 Shad Drive
Fort Worth, TX 71679
Phone: 682-465-3013
Church affiliation: 2nd London Baptist Confession (1689)
Church confession: 2nd London Baptist Confession (1689)
Contact: Scott Hathaway, Pastor
Web page:
     Doctrinally, we are in agreement with the 1689 Baptist Confession. Sovereign Grace Church holds to the doctrines that are commonly called the “Doctrines of Grace,” or the Reformed Faith. We believe that our Lord is sovereign in the affairs of His creation and that He can and does do as He pleases. We believe that mankind is born into sin and is separated from God and has no hope of salvation without direct intervention by the Lord. Faith and repentance are given by God as free gifts to those He chooses. We believe that the Lord will preserve until the end all those who have placed their faith in the Lord Jesus. We look forward to the day when our Lord will return to this earth, and we cry in our hearts, “Even so come, Lord Jesus.”

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