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Central Baptist Church
4545 Highway 73
Port Arthur, TX 77642
Phone: 409-962-0293
Church affiliation: Southern Baptist Convention
Church confession: Baptist Faith and Message
Contact: Dr. Phillip J. Sigman, Pastor/ Elder

     This church was established in 1912 on the reformed principals of the New Hampshire Confession. Dr. T.E. Cannedy served from 1923-1945 teaching the doctrines of sovereign grace. Dispensationalism crept in after W.W.II and the doctrines of grace waned. However, the Lord led me to this congregation in 1998 and the process of reforming a congregation began. We have licensed ten men in the gospel ministry who believe and teach the gospel of grace alone. Three have been ordained and are serving in other churches in our area teaching the same gospel. Reformation is ongoing, yet we have seen large strides in five plus years. The "Reformation Study Bible" has become the bible of choice by many. My personal confession is the 1689 Confession and that is the direction our church is moving by the grace of our Lord. Expository preaching through entire books of the bible is our method to reformation. In Christ's Service, Bro. Phil

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