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Grace Community Church
2008 Highway 56 North
P.O. Box 2186
Glen Rose, TX 76043
Phone: 254-897-3320
Church affiliation: Southern Baptist Convention
Church confession:
Contact: Stephen Yuille, Preaching Pastor/Elder
Web page:
     We are convinced that the church must not be so broadly open that it fails to make vitally important distinctions that the Bible itself makes. At the same time, however, we do not insist that every person share the same precise set of theological convictions on every matter. In other words, there are negotiables and non-negotiables when it comes to doctrinal distinctives. To be more specific, Grace Community Church is and will be characterized accurately with the following terms: We are evangelical. We are evangelistic. We are reformed. We are committed to doctrinal soundness. We are covenantal. We seek to be centered on God's glory. We are elder led. We affirm these distinctives as important in the sense of being profitable and health-producing for Christians to believe. We are further convinced that as one comes to appreciate these beliefs, he/she will grow to love and honor the Lord Jesus Christ more fully and understand more richly what it means to live by His grace. Acceptance of all these distinctives, however, is not required for membership in Grace Community Church. One can join and be a participating member of the church without holding to any but the evangelical distinctives mentioned in the first section of this article. Elders and deacons, however, must hold to all these distinctives. It is our absolute and unwavering conviction that to be strong in truth without being gentle in manner is unbiblical. It is also our profound conviction that to be gentle in manner while not adhering to scriptural truth is also unbiblical. By God's grace, we desire to be both as we press on in the Lord's glorious design for Grace Community Church to be used "to equip His people to delight in His glory and declare that glory to the nations!"

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